It's the Law - Conveyancing, Employment and Family Law
It's the Law - Employment Law
This full-day conference will ensure you are up to date with the latest developments in employment law, enabling you to better advise your clients. Attendance is a must for those practising in employment law as well as HR managers and advisers.

Among others, you will hear from Shona Simon, President of Employment Tribunals (Scotland) who will discuss the forthcoming developments in employment tribunal practice and procedure.

Joyce Cullen will lead an interactive double session which will give you the chance to flex your mediation muscles. You will be given a mock scenario and asked to work through it in teams. Guided of course, by our panel of experts.

David Morgan, Burness Paull LLP, will take you through best practice and recent case studies in social media in the workplace.

While Stephen Miller, Simpson & Marwick, will be exploring how to negotiate barriers and identify indirect discrimination.

This is an excellent opportunity to pose your questions to a panel of experts and dig into the issues that will really affect your practice.

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