2018 WCO IT Conference and Exhibition




Webb Fontaine is a leading provider of solutions for trade facilitation, powered by world-class technology including artificial intelligence. Building on our extensive experience, Webb Fontaine’s new-generation IT systems take trade and customs processes to the next level for the benefit of the global trading community. Deployed in several countries worldwide, our solutions include single-window systems for trade, paperless customs systems, cargo tracking systems (including regional interconnection of customs systems), collaborative valuation and classification programmes, and more. Our research and development centres, the biggest in the trade area, are based in Europe and Asia.

At Webb Fontaine, we believe in building a solid partnership with our customers, providing consulting on best practice and transferring our knowledge to your staff.

Webb Fontaine is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and Dubai, U.A.E. with presence in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.



For more information visit www.webbfontaine.com


Exhibition booths 27 & 34

West Blue Consulting is a world class business and IT-consulting and technology firm. We transform the performance of leading organizations in both the private and public sectors. From concept to strategy development and detailed implementation, we consistently deliver our clients with rapid, high-impact results.

WestBlue Consulting has built a reputation for delivering innovative solutions in the field of IT Services worldwide.

Based on our client’s needs with the highest of ethical standards and pure dedication to excellence in all operational aspects, we aspire to exceed our customers’ expectations. We embrace both Design-Build-Implement as well as alternative delivery methods to provide the most effective and efficient IT solutions to governments, NGOs and Private Organizations in Africa and across the globe. We recognize one of the most challenging issues to date is providing technology based cutting-edge solutions that meet business needs and requirements, and we are uncompromising in our dedication to this integral element in all our business activities.

Despite an increasingly competitive business environment, we vow to create the added value that will deliver true satisfaction to all our customers.


Exhibition booth 26



As a leader in security screening solutions, we help governments, corporations, law enforcement, and military organizations around the world combat terrorism, drug and weapons smuggling, illegal immigration, and trade fraud with speed and confidence while maximizing operational efficiency and meeting the most stringent security regulations and standards. Our security products and services from Rapiscan Systems | AS&E utilize multiple inspection technologies and advanced threat identification algorithms for cargo and vehicle inspection, baggage and parcel inspection, people screening, radiation detection, and explosive and narcotics trace detection. S2 Global provides innovative, turnkey cargo screening solutions to streamline operations and increase revenue at ports, borders, security checkpoints, airports and high-threat facilities.


Exhibition booth 2

SICPA is a leading global provider of secured authentication, identification and traceability solutions and services and a long-trusted advisor to governments, central banks, high security printers and industry. Founded in 1927, headquartered in Switzerland and operating on five continents, SICPA’s mission is to Enable Trust through constant innovation. Based on core expertise in high security inks the company protects the majority of the world’s banknotes, security and value documents from the threats of counterfeiting and fraud. SICPA integrates overt and covert material security features with cutting-edge digital technology to offer sophisticated traceability and supply chain protection solutions and services, enabling governments to optimize tax revenues and enforce regulations. SICPA’s proven solutions are applied at both national level and internationally across borders to facilitate legitimate trade.


Website: www.sicpa.com


Exhibition booth 8

TTEK (pronounced “Tee-Tek”) specializes in developing and deploying technology for the optimization of customs and border processing.

Headquartered in Barbados, the company promotes a fusion of leading edge products with operational and academic subject matter expertise to help assist nations with modernizing their border processing systems and methodologies.

TTEK develops innovative and disruptive border management technologies using machine learning and predictive analytics -drawing upon artificial intelligence and blockchain methodologies.

Simultaneously, TTEK border experts offer best practices, new ideas, and solutions for modern policies, programs, and systems.  Our experts have been uniformed customs officers, intelligence officers and analysts, managers, supervisors, executives, and academics.  We bridge strategic, tactical, and operational perspectives for customs modernization and trade facilitation with concepts, tools, and solutions that work in both developed and developing nations.


Website: www.ttekglobal.com


Exhibition booth 19