ISPE-CaSA Technology Conference 2016


How many attendees are expected at this event?

1,000, including exhibitors, attendees, speakers, volunteers and students.

What are the titles of attendees? Are they decision makers?

We have a mix of attendees. Some are decision-makers, such as company presidents, department and site leaders. Some are sales professionals. Some are engineers and project managers, and others are students. We appeal to a broad range of life science professionals.

Where do the attendees primarily come from – the local region or across the nation?

Because there is a large pharmaceutical presence as well as key university programs in bio-engineering in the RTP area of North Carolina, the attendance is largely from the Triangle area of North Carolina. However, we cover the entire Southeast region and there also are pharma companies concentrated in South Carolina, Atlanta, and Tampa areas. We also have a small international presence. This is the largest event of its kind in the southeast.

How can I tell if booth space is still available?

When a booth has been claimed, it will be shaded red and marked “Reserved” with the name of the Exhibiting Company. If you run a mouse over it, you will see who has reserved that particular space.

Where can I find out which booth my company signed up for?

Simply visit the conference website and you will find a link that will take you to a listing or a directory of booth or table sign-ups. Or you can hover your mouse over the different booths on the floor plan to locate your table or booth.

What does high-resolution photo and logo mean?

We need “high-resolution” images for the Printed Program and Sponsor Signs. A high-resolution image size is usually listed as MB (megabytes) rather than KB (kilobytes) which is smaller. An image taken from a website or email signature is usually low-resolution. High-resolution graphics are acceptable as Vector .EPS images. You may need to contact your graphics or marketing department to obtain a high-resolution logo and/or advertisement. We CANNOT use the logo you upload for the website “Exhibitor Directory” for the Printed Program or Signage; the image will be “pixelated” (made of dots) or very tiny and not visible.

How do I know what size ad to submit?

The ad sizes are as follows:

Quarter Page Ad = 3.625" wide x 4.875" tall

Half Page Ad = 7.5" wide x 4.875" tall

Full Page Ad = 7.5" wide x 10" tall

Click here to find a diagram

Where can I find an exhibitor packet?

Follow this link to the Freeman Company’s website where you can access a packet of information and a list of event products and services. [Add Link]

How do I pay?

You can pay with a credit card using our secure online payment module. Or you can pay with a check. If you are paying with a check, please remit payment within two weeks (14 days) of reserving your booth or table, or you may risk forfeiting that location to another exhibitor.

I was hoping to get the same table we had last year, but when I tried to select it, a message popped up informing me that table is disabled. Is that because the table is no longer available, or because we sent in an early registration form, is it already reserved for us?

We may have changed the designation for that particular table number. They layout may have changed and table numbers reconfigured, or someone else may have reserved it. You need to visit the registration area and manually select your table. We do not reserve tables.

N.B. Paying an “Advance Deposit” between this year’s conference and August 15, 2016, entitles you to first choice and a discount on the 2017 conference.

I just registered for a booth as an exhibitor and would like to be located next to a particular company. Would it be possible to hold the table next to ours for a couple of days until they sign up?

It would be best if you both sign up on the same day, as close as possible to the same time. We don’t “hold tables.” Alternatively, you could register and we could switch your table location at a later date.

How can I find out if you have received my payment for a booth?

Our online registration system usually generates a receipt upon payment. If you can’t locate a receipt in your email in-box (or your junk email file), just email and we will send you another one.

How can I tell if I am registered?

Our online registration system usually generates a receipt upon payment. If you can’t locate a receipt in your email in-box (or your junk email file), just email and we will send you another one.

Are there electrical outlets available at the tables and booths?

Yes, basic electricity is available at each table; however, you may wish to order additional electricity on the form included in the Freeman exhibitor packet.

Can we purchase additional registrations for company representatives if necessary?

Yes. If you fill your quota of attendees that come with your sponsorship, you may simply go to the attendee registration area and sign up additional attendees at the current registration fee.

Where can I find our member number?

ISPE-CaSA memberships are held through our parent organization – International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers. and simply access the members’ area of the organization. From there you can log in to find your member number.

How can I modify my registration?

Our online registration system sent you a confirmation email with an Orange Button that says "Modify Registration." You may have to 'download pictures' in the confirmation to see it. Please use this button to access your account, entering the email and last name of the person who entered the registration.

How can I cancel my registration?

Only the ISPE-CaSA staff can cancel a registration. Please contact (919) 573-5442 or click here to email to request a cancellation.