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From cash-free service en route at more than 68,000 brand-independent acceptance points through toll billing to value added tax refunds, DKV offers a host of services for cost optimization and fleet management across the whole of Europe. DKV is part of the DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group, which employs around 930 people. In 2017, the Group achieved a turnover of EUR 7.2 billion and operated in 42 countries. Currently more than 3.1 million DKV CARDs and on-board units are used by around 170,000 customers. The company offers a future-proof EETS box in the form of the DKV BOX EUROPE.

The on-board unit fulfils the latest requirements of all the EU member states and will be able to be used throughout Europe in future. Toll registration and switching countries are done quickly and easily on the DKV online portal. The data are sent over-the-air to the OBU; the user no longer has to exchange the box. This saves considerable time and administrative costs, while preserving flexibility. The DKV BOX EUROPE even has everything required to cope with future tasks, such as providing further value-added services, including comprehensive vehicle data analyses


TTLN is the employers’ association for road haulage and logistics. Representing 5.500 members, TLN is one of the largest and most influential employers’ associations in The Netherlands. TLN stands for the Dutch, innovative entrepreneurial spirit in a powerful logistics sector. TLN members have one common goal: to develop themselves in an – international – Transport and Logistics sector where quality, innovation and sustainability are leading components.

Thematic sponsor 


TomTom empowers movement. Every day millions of people around the world depend on TomTom to make smarter decisions. We design and develop innovative products that make it easy for people to keep moving towards their goals. Our map-based components include map content, online map-based services, real-time traffic and navigation software. Our consumer products include PNDs, navigation apps and sports watches.

Our main business products are custom in-dash navigation systems and a fleet management system, which is offered to fleet owners as an online service with integrated in-vehicle cellular devices. Our business consists of four customer facing business units: Automotive, Licensing, Telematics and Consumer.


Since 1996 Wtransnet is developing the most secure Freight Exchange in Europe. Around this Community, Wtransnet is building a suite of valuable solutions aimed to provide security and optimization within the logistic chain. With more than 11.000 reliable companies as Customers based in 33 countries, Wtransnet stands as a fundamental business enabler for all of its Clients.

Qualis Logistics is the premium networking platform exclusively for audited transport companies that arises from the cooperation between DQS GmbH, the German audit company that provides assessments and certifications of management systems and processes and Wtransnet, Europe’s most secure freight exchange. Qualis Logistics is a network for audited transport companies with a third party certification.


TransFollow is the standard for the digital waybill. TransFollow provides shippers, carriers and receivers with more management and control over the logistics process. Each party can connect to the TransFollow platform and use their own business software to exchange information, receive or deliver digital signatures and monitor the status of a shipment. In addition to the waybill, TransFollow also makes the proof of delivery (POD) available digitally.


AEOLIX, or Architecture for EurOpean Logistics Information eXchange, is a tool to improve the connectivity of digital information systems. The idea is that through the use of electronic consignment notes (or e-CMR), logistics data can be fully integrated across different borders and diverse IT platforms. It optimises cargo flows and supply chain management, and streamlines logistics decision making, therefore enabling the sustainable and efficient transport of goods across Europe. The tool comprises a centralised cloud-based IT platform that increases visibility across the supply chain for all the actors involved.


Founded in 2013, Simacan is a young Dutch company. Simacan's mission is to make geospatial, traffic, and logistic data better available, usable, accessible, and shareable for organizations. Our products integrate real-time traffic information in primary business processes. We specialize in making geospatial data truly accessible and useful.

R2C Online

r2c Online is the market-leading fleet and workshop management platform. Launched in 2003, the award-winning platform now connects over 20,000 fleets and 900 workshops, driving business efficiency and cost-effectiveness whilst reducing risk. r2c’s suite of digital solutions include a driver check app, SMR platform, workshop data capture and sophisticated business intelligence tools to optimise fleet or workshop operations.

Daimler FleetBoard

Logistics and transport industry meets IT: Since the foundation of the company in the year 2000, we have been one of the leading telematics providers worldwide. How we can prove that? With Fleetboard services in approximately 220,000 vehicles of more than 7,000 customers by now. Tendency: The numbers are rising. What is the cause for that? Truck buyers on all continents expect their vehicles to be equipped with telematics systems. The data transfer from the vehicle to the fleet operator – this is what our customers need, this is our daily business. For this purpose, we develop services and apps, work out new solutions for fleet managers every day, and push innovations for the logistics and transport industry.

Booth sponsor 


CORE is an EU H2020 project that’s aim is to put together a global system designed to tackle security in the supply chain. CORE demonstrates how a powerful and innovative Consistently Optimised REsilient ecosystem implementation, integrating interoperability, security, resilience and real-time optimisation can produce cost effective, fast and robust solutions that guarantee the efficient and secure transit of goods through the worldwide Global Supply Chain system.

CORE shows how protecting and securing the Global Supply Chain, and reducing its vulnerability to disruption (whether caused by natural disasters, terrorism or other forms of undesirable or illegal activity), can be done while guaranteeing the promotion of a timely and efficient flow of legitimate commerce through the European Union (EU) and other nations around the world. CORE demonstrates that this can be done while at the same time offering tangible benefits to involved stakeholders (transaction, transport, regulatory and financial operators), thus facilitating its adoption by commercial entities.”

You can meet them at booth 9

Noord-Brabant region startups

Logistics is getting more and more efficient and increasingly global. We get whatever we want, from wherever we want. In no time at all. Smart Logistics makes that possible and the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant has all the ingredients for it. Like our smart logistics services, extensive infrastructure and local industry. And Noord-Brabant is investing in it. We focus on well-trained personal and innovation in SME’s. At IRU we are pleased to present five innovative logistic start-ups; Synple, Route42, Stockspots, Collect+Go.. Come and meet them and see how they can help you make transport smarter, efficient and safer.

You can meet them at booth 7


W.A.G. payment solutions, acting under the Eurowag (EW) corporate brand, is the fastest growing integrated mobility solution provider within the industry, with an EBITDA growth of 33% in 2017. Serving international commercial road transport companies, hauliers and passenger fleet companies, the company offers fuel, toll, telematics solutions and VAT refund services to over 250 000 vehicles on a daily basis, proving a reliable partner for its clients.

At the forefront of innovation, Eurowag recently announced that it has developed its own, in-house on-board unit, with a coloured screen and designed to gradually grow in order to cover the whole of Europe.

You can meet them at booth 2

Secret Control


The Group, Secret Control Ltd. and Auto Securit Plc has been looking for new challenges and technological solutions for more than 20 years in the field of vehicle and property protection, GPS based devices for logistics and transport companies

The Group has over 140 professional employees and keeps monitoring more than 60 000 vehicles in the Central European region. We are proud of having long term relationships with a wide range of transportations companies as well as individual clients. Besides our several ready-to-use solutions we can also fulfill unique requirements due to our professional team and always looking for innovative solutions. The Group seat is in Budapest, Hungary.

You can meet them at booth 3


iSquares are part of the Q.TK family where we imagine, innovate & create. We are a cloud based service company that provide a link management platform for a wide range of products. We offer easy to remember brand and root domain names, enabling unlimited dynamic short URL links that can be encoded by efficient and versatile QR codes. iSquares was created by Q.TK for everyone, to provide reassurance and protection in case of a medical emergency. The company based in Cork, Ireland was established in 2008.

You can meet them at booth 8


You can meet them at booth 6


You can meet them at booth 1

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