Investing in the Blue Economy

RI New York 2019

4th-5th December

Sustainable finance in an era of populism, climate collapse and global trade wars


RI New York, formerly RI Americas, the leading sustainable business and finance conference in North America, is back for its 11th annual conference on 4th-5th December 2019 at Convene, 117 West 46th Street, New York City. 


Changing business cycles, a growing recognition of social and economic inequality along with turbulent politics have all made 2019 a key year for responsible investment in North America. How can investors continue to build resilient portfolios that address these tectonic shifts in society’s expectations, respond to technological disruption, and react positively to fundamental structural changes in the economy? 


RI New York will provide a forum for investors to debate shareholder rights and proxy access, the role of central banks and securities regulators in climate risk, the importance of transforming energy systems, the impact of technologies like AI and machine learning on investor portfolios, requirements for data privacy, and ways to include human rights and other governance factors into investment portfolios.


RI New York provides a unique opportunity to examine a wide range of responsible investment issues with 600+ investment professionals from across the globe. Participants will engage with and learn about key themes affecting the largest North America, European and Asian institutional investors. Thought-leaders from across the institutional investment sector, academics and policymakers will come together to debate these issues and provide new insights for participants. 


RI New York is proud to be part of Sustainable Finance Week. Sustainable Finance Week is dedicated to mobilizing the next $10 trillion in capital for a more inclusive, sustainable world. During the 2nd-5th December, New York City will be a center of gravity for the new intelligence, visionary ideas and market-moving players at the forefront of sustainable finance.


The 11th annual New York conference is the place to be for those who are serious about responsible investment and sustainable finance.