2015 INS Annual Convention and Industrial Exhibition

Welcome to the Oral Abstract Service Center

Congratulations on your selection as an oral abstract presenter at INS 2015 in Louisville. We look forward to the information you have to share, and wish you good luck as well! The information contained on this page will help you develop your PowerPoint (PPT) presentation. If you have questions, please contact Michelle Berreth, INS Nurse Educator.

The Infusion Nurse Society is a provider of continuing nursing education through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). All educational sessions, including oral abstracts, are subject to and must adhere to ANCC accreditation guidelines. In keeping with the guidelines, your PPT will be submitted, prior to presentation, to the INS Education Department for review. Each PPT will be reviewed to determine if the educational content meets the stated learning objectives, and also with the following restrictions in mind:
  • Educational content must be fair and balanced and not include any commercial bias about a specific device or medication.
  • Corporate logos, including business logos may not be included on any of the PPT slides.
  • Presenters must receive permission to use any copyrighted material (such as photos and some video).
If your presentation violates ANCC accreditation guidelines, you will be notified.

Prepare Your Presentation

If this is your first PPT, there are many, MANY resources available to you, especially on the internet. For INS 2015, please download and use the PPT template from the link below. A few suggestions for your presentation that are specific to this meeting:
  • The file size upload limit is 15-30 megabytes.
  • Video content should be limited and not exceed 5 minutes total.
  • Limit the amount of content on your slides. 4-6 bullet points keeps slide from being too "busy"
  • Speaker notes that are available in PPT will NOT be available to you during your presentation. Print out any speaker notes prior to the meeting and bring those with you.
You will have 20 minutes for your presentation. We recommend limiting the presentation to 15 minutes to allow time for any audience questions or questions from the judges. Please be respectful of the presenters that follow you, and do not go over your time limit.

Submit Your Presentation

For easier identification of presentations, save your PPT presentation using your full name and "Oral Abstract" as the title. For example:

The deadline to submit your presentation is APRIL 13th. Click on the link below to upload your PPT. You'll receive an email to confirm your presentation was successfully uploaded. If there is any reason you are unable to meet the deadline, please contact Michelle Berreth as soon as possible.

See you in Louisville!!