2019 Diabetes Symposium
A Message from the Symposium Co-Chairs…

We are the diabetes care providers for over 426,614 KP members with diabetes, a very important sub-population of our membership due to their higher risk for bad health care outcomes. Concurrently, rapid advances in diabetes care are being made on many fronts including safety, treatment, technology, and education.

With the demands of taking care of a large diabetic population and the rapidly evolving climate, clinicians and allied health professionals require a forum in which to keep current on the latest evidence based scientific information to ensure that their patients are receiving the highest quality diabetes care possible. Specifically, we aim to improve patient care and reduce system inefficiencies by addressing competence and performance gaps of the SCPMG healthcare team.

Excellent evidence-based care is the key to keeping this complex population healthy, productive, and
"THRIVING". The planning committee has assessed new trends and ongoing needs in diabetes care and offer this year's agenda to continue to improve our diabetes outcomes.

Attendance is open to all Physicians, DPMs, Advance Practice Providers, Nurses Health Educators, Dieticians, and others within Kaiser Permanente and the Community who provide care to patients with diabetes. Please feel free to spread the word about this important and informative educational program.

We look forward to seeing you there!

John P. Martin, MD, FACP, AAHIVS and Patricia Wu, MD, FACE, FRCPE
Symposium Co-Chairs
On behalf of the 2019 Diabetes Symposium Planning Committee