2019 Care for the Caregiver
A message from Mark Ashley, MD, Regional Director, and Dawn Clark, MD, Chief Wellness Officer and Planning Committee


Please join us at the Southern California Kaiser Permanente Physician Wellness Care for the Caregiver Symposium being held at the Hotel Irvine on October 18, 2019. Our Physician Wellness and Clinician-Patient Communication committee will be hosting an interactive workshop that will explore alternative ways for physicians to cope with day-to-day professional demands.

This year our featured speakers include Cheryl Browne, MD, and Leah Weiss, PhD. The symposium will offer physicians with practical, evidence-based strategies on how to practice mindfulness and enhance leadership and interpersonal skills.

Our goal is to provide you with tools to manage your stress allowing you to focus on better care for yourself, your peers and patients.

We hope this day will refuel and energize our physicians seeking ways to create a balance in their well-being and practice. We encourage you to attend this workshop where you’ll be able to engage in discussions with your colleagues and discover methods and techniques to improve day-to-day interactions.

We look forward to seeing you at the Care for the Caregiver Workshop in Irvine.

Hope to see you all there!

Mark Ashley, MD and Dawn Clark, MD