2012 TAPPI Linerboard/Medium Manufacture Course
Event Details
2012 TAPPI Linerboard/Medium Manufacture Course
Tuesday, August 7 - Thursday, August 9, 2012
United States
The TAPPI Linerboard & Medium Manufacture Course is designed to:
  • Increase participants’ understanding of linerboard and medium performance properties and how they are achieved  
  • Build confidence in interacting more knowledgeably within the mill, with suppliers, and with corrugators  
  • Improve manufacturing operations, and produce a more competitive product.
Participants will learn about: 
  • Increasing understanding of corrugating process operations, equipment, terms and variables, starch fundamentals and application.The focus is on how to achieve a good bond in the corrugator, and how liner & medium can hurt or help that process.
  •  Increasing understanding of linerboard & medium properties & tests, and how these relate to the final box performance, and also how the liner and medium affect runnability on the corrugator. 
  • Increasing understanding of the effects of pulp & papermaking manufacturing processes on linerboard/medium.  
                                   Fiber types, Kraft & NSSC Pulps, and Recycled Fibers  
                                   Effects of Chemical Additives including, Basics of Wet End Chemistry, Dry & Wet Strength Adhesives,                                            Retention, and Deposit Control
                                   Optimization of Stock Prep Refining
                                   Paper Machine Operations  
                                                Headbox Performance  
                                                Sheet Forming & Wet End Operations  
                                                Pressing, Drying, Calendering Operations  
                                                Forming, Wet Press, and Drying Fabric Considerations  
                                               Surface Treatments
  • Developments in Printing and Demands on Linerboard
Who Should Attend?
This course is ideal for process engineers and operators in linerboard and medium manufacturing facilities and converting plants with a more intermediate background.
For those participants who require an overview background on corrugated and pulp and papermaking technology, there will be an optional one-day  Seminar on Monday, August 6, prior to the beginning of the main course on Tuesday. This supplemental session is intended for corrugators, new P&P mill and supplier personnel, and those without exposure to pulp and paper operations.

Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing the course, participants should be able to:
  • Describe and define linerboard and medium manufacturing processes, equipment, variables, and terminology, in order to improve operations and product quality.
  • Recognize how one part of the process affects other operations in order to increase thinking on a mill wide scale.
  • Interpret how process variables affect linerboard and medium sheet structure and properties, in order to troubleshoot variations in product quality.