2012 TAPPI Linerboard/Medium Manufacture Course

Resources Available through TAPPI PRESS

Lean Maintenance
Lean Maintenance is a practical book that will take you from uncovering waste, designing project to address waste, selling the projects and delivering projects. Every area in maintenance is covered, including TPM, PM tasking, work order and computer systems.
Product code: 08LEANMAIN
Nonmember: $56
Member: $42

Maintenance & Calibration Manual
This two-volume set provides a comprehensive maintenance and calibration system that can help improve productivity and efficiency in corrugated box plants. One manual covers Rotary Diecutters while the other addresses Flexo Folder-Gluers. These manuals and corresponding checklists are designed to help any boxplant meet current ISO 9000 maintenance standards AND produce a higher quality product in a more productive efficient manner. If followed consistently, these proactive maintenance programs can reduce setup, rework and downtime.
Product code: 0101R245
Nonmember: $73
Member: $45
Special Conference Price: $45

SafetyFirst DVD
This NEW DVD covers the most important aspects of plant and equipment safety in corrugator and sheet plants. In six parts, the DVD provides an overview of safety in and around a corrugated manufacturing facility - a great source for training new employees and a refresher for the veterans of the industry.
Product code: 09SAFEDVD
Nonmember: $495
Member: $395

Corrugated Containers Manufacturing Process
This comprehensive textbook describes the entire process of manufacturing corrugated containers. In addition to detailed explanations, the book also features practical troubleshooting tips, and a discussion of common problems and solutions within each major section.
Product code: 0101R281
Nonmember: $185
Member: $37

Corrugating Defect/Remedy Manual
This manual provides a basis for common knowledge of terms, definitions, and methods of correction of corrugated operational defects. The manual illustrates and provides causes and remedies for hundreds of defects affecting corrugated boxes. The manual is divided into four parts: Corrugated Problems; Printing Problems; Die Cutting Problems; and Finishing and Manufacturers’ Joint Problems.
Product code: 0101R153
Nonmember: $130
Member: $87
Special Conference Price: $82