Annual Institute 2019

Climbing to Success in an Ever Changing Landscape Sponsored by Community Brands

Cornerstone Speaker

, Executive Director/CEO, AISAP


What is success? There are many definitions, but there's one aspect that many experts agree on: Success only comes through perseverance. Failure, and what might be defined as such, is as varied as the individuals who fall and continue to get up! Yet, how do you determine success and failure? How might changes in the industry play out for you as an admission and enrollment management professional when success or failure may be predicated on the decisions and actions of those you don’t control or manage? During this session, we’ll reflect where we—and our profession—have been, and where we’re headed. As AISAP continues to elevate expectations and empower you as a professional, this kick-off session will frame our work for the days ahead. Discover how this changing landscape impacts what it means to be an admission and enrollment professional, and how AISAP can empower you as we all head into the future together.

 is a proud sponsor of this Cornerstone Session.