Annual Institute 2019
Pre-Institute Workshop: Human Centered Design: Diversity in Schools (Continued)



Put simply, there is no higher purpose than making our schools safe, inclusive and equitable for all students, teachers, staff, parents and administrators. This effort often starts with the admissions office as the first contact families and children have with a school.

This workshop focuses on the following: independent school admission/enrollment processes that are truly inclusive of under-represented families from a variety of backgrounds; understanding how an admission process feels to a parent or student who does not see themselves represented; designing admission processes to meet the needs of nontraditional and diverse families.

Designed for individuals or teams who are ready to put their ideas into practice. Bring a team and build a big idea, or come alone and create a spark to be ignited. By the end of the workshop, each participant or team will leave with an idea that is ready to be implemented.

Using a design-thinking process, teams and/or individuals will collaborate to build out ideas, prototype them, test them and apply feedback, offering participants a roadmap for executing new ideas, as well as a group of collaborators ready to help.

Examples of problems that might be designed during this event are:

How can we redesign our admission process to reflect a culture of belonging for all families, as well as position our school as a community that seeks and supports families from all different ethnic, racial, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds?

How can we build admission events and experiences that resonate with nontraditional and under-represented families?

How can we design our outreach and our entire process so that tuition is not perceived as an automatic barrier to applying (or consideration)?

How can we engage our admission staff and parent volunteers with regard to white privilege and the impact it has on the admission process?