The World vs.MS (TWvsMS) is a large-scale initiative developed by Sanofi Genzyme to drive meaningful and lasting change in the lives of those living with multiple sclerosis (MS) and those who support them. By understanding their challenges, connecting people and driving innovation, our mission is to improve their everyday life.

And as part of that mission, we’re hosting HackAMSterdam, the very first European MS hack event of its kind. Taking place at B. Amsterdam on 19th and 20th November, HackAMSterdam will bring together the brightest brains in Europe to tackle our three MS challenge briefs head on. 

Over 36 hours, attendees will work in teams and take part in several sessions designed to get their brains engaged and creative juices flowing. At the end of the event, one winning team, chosen by the attendees, will gain access to a €3000 Ideas Fund from HackAMSterdam and partners. And what’s more, all the ideas generated can be submitted to The World vs.MS website to be in with the chance of winning our development grant of up to €100,000.

To enter you need to be a team of 3 – 5 people. However, if you’re an individual interested in taking part, simply email us your details and we’ll try to team you up with like-minded thinkers ahead of the event.

As well as giving you the opportunity to change lives, HackAMSterdam is also a great chance to network with a range of international guest speakers, innovators and expert companies who’ll be on hand to help and advise throughout the weekend.

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