National Sports Safety and Security Conference 2016
The Gold Standard

This year's theme is Achieving the Gold Standard. The Gold Standard is a benchmark and insight concept designed to help sport organizations achieve their safety and security mission strategy while balancing costs, operational efficiencies and maintaining an engaged workforce, all while enhancing the fan experience. Nine specific pillars were identified to close the gap to best practices and to help sport organizations achieve the Gold Standard.

The nine pillars identified below will be interwoven throughout the conference and provide attendees with specific takeaways for each pillar:

  • The Evolving Sport Security Leader
  • The Evolving Sport and Entertainment Landscape
  • Effective Risk/Threat/Vulnerability Assessment and Implementation
  • The Enhanced Collaborative Planning Process
  • The Impact of Crowd Management
  • The Emerging Safety and Security Culture
  • The Maximization of Human Talent
  • The Emerging Sport Security Technology
  • The Impact of Environmental Design