Sunday 05/15/2016 - Wednesday 05/18/2016
Le Centre Sheraton Montréal

Senior Vice President
Concentric Energy Advisors, Inc.
James M. Coyne, Senior Vice President, is an energy industry expert who provides financial, regulatory and strategic support services to clients in the power and gas utilities industries. Drawing upon his industry and regulatory expertise, he regularly advises utilities, public agencies and investors on business strategies, investment evaluations, cross-border trade, rate and regulatory policy, capital cost determinations and energy markets. He is a frequent speaker and author of numerous articles on the energy industry and regularly provides expert testimony before federal, state and provincial jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada. He testifies on matters pertaining to the cost of capital, capital structure, business risk, alternative ratemaking mechanisms and regulatory policy. Prior to Concentric, Mr. Coyne worked in senior consulting positions focused on North American utilities industries, in corporate planning for an integrated energy company, and in regulatory and policy positions in Maine and Massachusetts. Mr. Coyne holds a B.S. in Business from Georgetown University with honors and an M.S. in Resource Economics from the University of New Hampshire.