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11 June 2014 | Asia Society Hong Kong Center

The FT Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers Awards 2014

The Financial Times is delighted to announce the winners of the Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers Awards. Since 2006, FT Innovative Lawyers has produced a seismic change in the legal industry across Europe and the US, and we are now turning our attention to innovative legal ideas and strategies in the Asia-Pacific region.

The 2014 FTIL Asia-Pacific Awards celebrate the most innovative legal work in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and South Korea. We have also recognised the firms that are doing the most to transform the legal market, the in-house legal teams that are adding the most value to business, and the most innovative individuals working in the Asia-Pacific region.

European and US law firms have focused on building their Asia-Pacific offices for some time now, and the region’s inexorable rise will make this market increasingly important for global law. FT Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers received over 270 individual submissions from 60 different firms, making this one of the most thorough, researched and detailed windows into the Asia-Pacific legal market.

Thank you for joining us at the event. We trust you enjoyed meeting some of the most innovative lawyers in the Asia-Pacific region, the firms at the forefront of innovation, and the GCs and in-house teams that are doing the most to break the mould.


Michael Skapinker 
Assistant Editor 
Financial Times 
Reena Sengupta 
RSG Consulting