ICN Summit 2014
Big Data for Smart City Solutions

We have all heard the quote ‘Big Data is the new oil’.

However, the problem is that everyone talks about it, but nobody really knows how to do it and everyone thinks everyone else is doing it.

There is no doubt that data can improve city planning and it is the raw material enabling smart city solutions.

We have seen many small scale examples of this all over the world. However, how can we utilize big data for large scale smart city planning and solutions?

How can we make big data a natural part of the smart city?

Join in the discussion with representative from the most innovative cities, companies and researchers.



Marianna Lubanski, Director - Investment Promotion & Clusters, Copenhagen Capacity


Tim Fawbert, Group Business Development Manager, Hitachi Europe

Kenneth Aastrup, Managing Director, Citelum Danmark

Peter B. Lange, Executive IT-Architect within Smarter Cities, IBM



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