32nd International Conference on Business Incubation

Session Track Key and Descriptions

Operational Best Practices for Entrepreneurship Centers

This track will cover the nuts and bolts of running an entrepreneurship center, from securing the funding necessary to keep the doors open to identifying and working with stakeholders to managing a facility. Topics will include how to fund and manage facility expansion, securing operational funding, measuring success, creating non-dilutive community funds, and effective policies and procedures for graduating clients and helping them succeed in the next stage. These sessions are key for people who are just starting out with their programs, but many of them also have interesting lessons to be learned for seasoned practitioners.


Innovative Programs for Serving Entrepreneurs

The primary goal of an entrepreneurship center is to help entrepreneurs succeed, and this track will explore the most effective programs and services for achieving that goal. Learn best practices for working with entrepreneurs to ensure their startups become viable businesses that contribute to local economies. Topics include effective strategies for coaching clients, helping entrepreneurs connect with sellers for their products, focusing on customers over investment, implementing lean planning methodology, creating programs to assist foreign firms, and innovative tools for teaching entrepreneurship.

Inclusion and Strategic Partnerships in Entrepreneurship Programs

The entrepreneurial support industry has shifted in recent years, and continues to change as technology and culture impact entrepreneurship, and as new approaches to providing support emerge and solidify. This track will explore some of these changes, as well as the role strategic involvement from corporations and other heavy hitters is impacting the entrepreneurial space. Topics will include incubator super hubs, engaging strategics with customers, inclusivity in funding, securing strategic investment in entrepreneurship centers, creating an effective startup culture within an organization, and how to market your program and develop a good pipeline on a limited budget.


Building Thriving Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Establishing and growing a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem is widely recognized as the key to creating regional prosperity through new job growth. These sessions will explore the elements and strategies for building successful entrepreneurial ecosystems in any community. Topics will include creating strategic collaborations and partnerships, analyzing existing ecosystem gaps, using open source data to understand your ecosystem, inclusive ecosystems for growing minority-owned businesses, and working with entrepreneurs before they are ready for programming.


Specialty Programs

Many entrepreneurship centers focus on specific industries and therefore have unique challenges and opportunities. At the ICBI32, people from these sectors have the opportunity to learn more about working within their specific industries and to connect with others doing similar work. Topics will include trends in food incubation, engaging women entrepreneurs, cleantech programs, rural strategies, university programs, and working with students and youth.