77th Plenary Meeting of the ICAC

Why Sponsor?

Promoting your business at the 77th ICAC Plenary Meeting is a unique opportunity because the ICAC is the only intergovernmental body serving the cotton industry. In addition to delivering your message to growers, researchers, and professionals from every sector of the cotton and textile value chain, the Plenary Meeting puts your business in front of hundreds of high-level government officials.

No other meeting can oer access to decision-makers with that type of reach and influence. 

Other Advantages Include:

• Exposure to more than 600 cotton and textile professionals from across the globe

• The spotlight on your business for a full five days, unlike the two- and three-day conferences most organisations oer

• A jam-packed agenda that addresses the industry's most critical issues, including sustainability, yield improvement, pest resistance, the use of drones and robotics, and many more

• Multiple packages to meet every company's promotional needs and budget

Contact the Organising Committee today to reserve a sponsorship package that highlights your company and promotes your business to the top government and private sector professionals in the global cotton industry!

Organising Committee Contact Information:

Email: icac@conseilcotonanacarde.ci
Telf:    +225 06 22 16 11

Email:  guesi@conseilcotonanacarde.ci
Telf:    +225 05 00 54 04

Email:  traorea@firca.ci
Telf:     +225 01 22 19 79