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Travelling to Siena: about transportation and other info

Travelling to Siena

Even if you may have to transit via Paris, France or Rome, the capital of the country, many cities are served by a national or international airport.

The city of Siena is not one of them, but it remains easy to reach it from the following airports:

From Florence

“Amerigo Vespucci” Florence Airport is the closest to Siena (about 70 km - www.aeroporto.firenze.it
A shuttle to the centre leaves just outside the airport.  Departures are scheduled every 30 min, and it takes about 20 min to arrive at Santa Maria Novella (SMN) Railway Station.  
Both buses and trains to Siena leave from there. www.aeroporto.firenze.it/en/passengers/from-to-the-airport/bus

The bus station in Florence is very close to SMN Railway Station.
There is a non-stop line to Siena called “Rapida” taking about 1h15 to reach Siena.  The “Ordinary” line takes 1h45.  Usually, buses leave every hour, and they arrive in the center of Siena (Piazza Gramsci): www.busfox.com/timetable.

Trains to Siena leave from SMN Railway Station (www.trenitalia.com)
The direct train takes 1h30 to reach Siena.  With a change in Empoli, it takes 1h40.
The Railway Station in Siena is about 2 km far from the historical center.  Urban buses leave every 10 min to the center.

From Pisa

"Galileo Galilei" Airport in Pisa is about 150 km far from Siena (www.pisa-airport.com).
The airport is located just 1 km from Pisa. You can reach the Central Railway Station in 8 min by the Pisa Mover Bus. Departures outside the airport every 10 min.

The bus from Pisa Airport to Siena leaves outside the airport.
Direct bus: only one bus per day (www.sienamobilita.it/sienapisa.html).
Bus change in Florence: The trip takes about 3 hours (the schedule is available here).  
Buses arrive in the center of Siena (Piazza Gramsci).

From the Airport catch the Pisa Mover Bus to Pisa Central Railway Station (10 min). 
Trains to Siena (with a change in Empoli) leave approximately two times per hour. 
The trip takes about 2 hours (more info: www.trenitalia.com).
The Railway Station in Siena is about 2 km far from the historical center.  Urban buses leave every 10 min to the center.

From Rome

"Leonardo da Vinci" Airport in Rome is about 250 km far from Siena (www.adr.it/fiumicino)
To reach Siena from Rome you can also either take the bus or the train.  However, the trip by bus is easier and shorter.

Direct bus from the airport: the airport departures are planned in the morning.  The trip takes 3 hours and 15 min (the schedule is available here).
Direct bus from Roma Tiburtina Bus Station: from the airport to Roma Tiburtina catch FL1 rail line regional trainsDepartures every 15 min on weekdays and every 30 on public holidays (for more info, please click here and visit www.sena.it/Home/78-1-en.html)
The bus ride to Siena takes 2h45 and you will arrive in the center of Siena (Piazza Gramsci)

Trains leave from Roma Termini Railway Station
From the airport to Roma Termini Railway Station catch:
- Option a: the Leonardo Express, non-stop service devoted exclusively to airport passengers, to/from Roma Termini with departures every 30 min and a journey time of 31 min
- Option b: the FL1 rail line regional trains to/from other stations in Rome, including Rome Tiburtina, with departures every 15 min on weekdays and every 30 min on public holidays (www.adr.it/web/aeroporti-di-roma-en-/pax-fco-train)
There is no direct train from Rome to Siena, a change in Chiusi has to be made.  The trip takes 3 to 4 hours depending on the waiting time in Chiusi (www.trenitalia.com).

Passports and Visas

Every person entering Italy should be in possession of a valid passport. Some countries require a visa. Please have a look at: www.esteri.it/visti/index_eng.asp.  The IAU urges you to contact the closest Italian Embassy and/or Consulate: authorities will provide you with the appropriate information as well as more details about the duration needed in order to obtain your visa if needed.  If so, we urge you to start the visa request process early.

Currency/Exchange rates

In Italy the official currency is the Euro (€). The Euro is divided into 100 cents (centimes, centesimi), with two decimals after the comma. So, a price will often be displayed as € 5,00 (five euros); or € 2,12 (two euro and 12 cents).
The best places to change money are usually Western Union and MoneyGram agencies.

Western Union
  • Phone Center Rahman | Via Della Sapienza 22 - 53100 Siena
  • Cheap Phonecenter Sas | Via Cecco Angiolieri 16 - 53100 Siena
  • The Money Changers | Piazza Tolomei 4 - 53100 Siena
  • Xenos Money Transfer | Piazza Del Sale 7 - 53100 Siena
  • Cheap Phone Center Snc | 16 Via C. Angiolieri - 53100 Siena 
  • Akter Point | 93 Via Montanini - 53100 Siena

Time difference

CET (Central European Time) is in use in Italy.

Average weather in Siena

Siena weather is characterised by an excellent temperate climate, with weather that is mild through most of the year and generally avoids the worst extremes of hot or cold that can be found elsewhere in Italy. Siena has four seasons: spring (March to May), summer (June to September), autumn (October to November) and winter (December to February). 
In October  temperatures still feel pleasantly warm, and there are plenty of blue skies to enjoy, average temperatures are around 21°C/70°F maximum and 10°C/50°F minimum.


The electric current in Italy is 220 V. Remember to provide specific adapters.