Darryl Arnold
Darryl Arnold has been a Principle Engineer in Union Gas’ Major Projects department since 2014. He earned a Bachelor of Engineering Degree at the University of Western Ontario and been a licensed professional engineer since 2006. In his 15 years with Union Gas, Mr. Arnold has held various positions in their engineering and operations departments.
Serge Bedard
Serge is a Senior Project Manager at CanmetENERGY, Natural Resources Canada. He is responsible for several technical projects related to heat management and cogeneration in the industrial sector. He has over 19 years’ experience in industrial energy-related activities in pulp and paper, petroleum, chemicals metallurgical, textile and agri-food industries, in both the private sector and with Natural Resources Canada. Over the years, Serge has been working with approximately 25 industrial facilities to improve their energy usage and reduce their environmental footprint. He also contributed to the development of process integration tools to improve energy efficiency using facility-wide optimization techniques. Serge holds a Master degree in mechanical engineering from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal.
Etienne Bernier
Etienne holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, where he studied CO2 capture process design optimization for a natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) power plants. Since 2012, he works as a process engineer with CanmetENERGY, a research center of Natural Resources Canada. He helps develop software tools to optimize the design and operation of existing industrial cogeneration systems, and propose novel designs to increase the use of cogeneration systems in Canada. He has also participated in energy efficiency studies and cogeneration system optimization in several Canadian pulp and paper mills.
Kathleen Bohan
Kathleen Bohan is project lead for aeroderivative gas turbine integrated solutions at Siemens Distributed Generation in Montreal. She has a Masters of Applied Science in aerospace engineering with a specialty in combustion processes from the University of Toronto, and a Masters of Philosophy in Environmental Sciences and Policy from the Central European University. Kathleen has seven years of experience in gas turbine development in combustion analysis, system development, in-service support, and project engineering at Rolls-Royce Energy and Siemens Canada.
Claudio Cañizares
Dr. Claudio Cañizares is a Professor and the Hydro One Endowed Chair at the ECE Department of the University of Waterloo, where he has held different academic and leadership positions since 1993. His highly cited research activities focus on modeling, simulation, computation, stability, control, and optimization issues in power and energy systems in the context of competitive energy markets, smart grids, and microgrids. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, of the Royal Society of Canada, and of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and is the recipient of the 2016 IEEE Canada Electric Power Medal and of other various awards and recognitions from IEEE-PES Technical Committees and Working Groups, in which he has held several leadership positions.
Michel Carreau
Michel is a specialist in energy with a Ph.D from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Post-Doctorate from Boston University with more than 30 years of experience in energy. He has expertise in the development of energy project such as hybrid power, hydro-electricity, wind, solar, thermal power, energy storage, LNG complete supply chain. Michel works directly with mining and infrastructure companies to develop solutions to reduce their cost of energy in remote locations. Michel has expertise in managing multi-disciplinary team for innovative projects delivered in more than 20 countries.
Paul Cheliak
Paul Cheliak is the Director of Innovation and New Markets with the Canadian Gas Association in Ottawa, Ontario. The CGA is the national voice for Canada’s natural gas distribution companies who deliver natural gas to over 20 million Canadians in all sectors of the economy. Paul’s role at CGA is to work with member company utilities to identify opportunities, develop policy recommendations and gather business intelligence to advance the efficient use of natural gas. Prior to joining CGA, Paul worked with Natural Resources Canada – Canada’s federal resource department – providing natural gas market and policy advice to the Department’s senior management.
Wajid Ali Chishty
Wajid is a gas turbine combustion engineer and serves as a Technology Leader at the National Research Council Canada. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, a MSE in Aerospace Engineering and an MBA in Finance. Wajid has more than 25 years of experience in the areas of gas turbine research and MRO
Mike Klassen
Dr. Klassen is Chief Technical Officer for LPP Combustion. He is a co-inventor of technology and responsible for development of the technology, working with in-house and consulting engineers to test and design the hardware. Dr. Klassen is also Vice-President and Principal Research Engineer at CSE. He is responsible for the design and execution of numerous experimental and analytical projects in fire hazard analysis and also conducts studies in combustion research. Mike began his career as a Graduate Researcher at the University of Maryland, where he was involved the study of radiation properties and the flame structure of liquid-fuel pool flames. His research resulted in a new technique to measure radiative heat transfer from a flame to the fuel surface. Mike has also been a Visiting Assistant Professor at Purdue University, where he developed laser and optical diagnostic techniques for use in combustion applications. Prior to joining CSE, Mike worked at Hughes Associates where he was involved in numerous projects involving fire hazard analysis and testing and development of fire protection equipment.
Manfred Klein
Manfred Klein retired in 2013 after 33 years in the federal government, most recently with the Gas Turbine Laboratory of the National Research Council. He spent 16 years with Environment Canada, involved with CCME industrial air emissions guidelines for Gas Turbines, using output-based environmental standards. Mr. Klein also helped to develop new taxation incentives to encourage cogeneration and district energy, provided inputs to environmental assessments, and organized various industrial training functions on gas turbine and cogen systems. Prior to that he was with the National Energy Board for 11 years, dealing with natural gas pipeline and compressor station certification. He works now as an independent consultant on a wide range of environment and energy issues. Memberships have included; • Former Chair of IAGT Industrial Gas Turbine Applications Committee • Former Chair of ASME / IGTI Environment & Regulatory Affairs Committee • Environmental R&D group of Canadian Gas Association (CEPEI) Bach. of Mechanical Engineering (1980), Carleton University
Shaji Manipurath
Shaji is a Team Leader of Performance and Operability team at the National Research Council of Canada’s Gas Turbine Laboratory. Since joining NRC in 2001, he has contributed to the development, operation and management of multiple gas turbine R&D facilities for development and testing of advanced engines, combustors and other components.
Jonathan Martin
Since Mr. Martin joined the National Research Council in 2005, he has co-authored 20 journal articles and 3 book chapters, while managing numerous projects on alternative power sources such as hydrogen, methanol and formic acid fuel cells and metal-air batteries. He has contributed to over 30 technical reports for various industrial clients and government agencies, regarding the environmental impacts, safety standards, and performance of energy systems and the transportation sector. He is currently the Program Leader for NRC’s initiative on Bioenergy Systems for Viable Stationary Applications.
Philippe Navarri
Philippe Navarri is Senior Project Manager for Process Integration at CanmetENERGY within Natural Resources Canada. He has over 20 years’ experience in industrial energy and environment-related activities in pulp and paper, petroleum, chemicals and agri-food industries, in both the private sector and with Natural Resources Canada. Philippe has been with CanmetENERGY for 15 years, working on the development of process integration tools and their transfer to Canadian industries to help improve energy efficiency and reduce energy losses using facility-wide approach. Philippe holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, France, with specialization in heat and mass transfer in industrial drying operations.
Jim Noordermeer
Mr. Noordermeer has over 35 years of international experience in the design, repair, upgrade and modification, layout, installation and construction, commissioning, startup, testing and servicing of gas turbine power and steam turbine generator power plants, including cogeneration and combined-cycle plants and associated equipment, at Westinghouse Canada – Turbine & Generator Division, SNC – W.P. London and Gryphon International Engineering Services Inc.
Boye Olaoye
Boye Olaoye started working at Union Gas as a Project EIT with the Major Projects group in January 2015. He earned a Chemical Engineering degree from McMaster University in 2013 and a Master of Engineering degree from University of Toronto in 2014. Boye is currently working on the Lobo expansion project at Union Gas which involves the retrofit of the existing compressor stations.
Landon Tessmer
Landon Tessmer, a licensed Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario, is the Technical Sales Manager at Innovative Steam Technologies (IST). Landon has seven years of experience with the thermal design and optimization of once-through heat recovery steam generators. Landon also oversees the creation of project budgets, proposal documents, specification review, and contract negotiations. IST has provided heat recovery units behind gas turbines for over 25 years and is the world leader in once-through steam generation.
Michèle Thébeau
Michèle Thébeau has always been interested in the tools and technologies that drive society forward. It was that interest that led her to the University of New Brunswick, where she graduated in 1984 with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Today, Thébeau is part of the Union Gas technology and innovation team, which is investigating which current and future technologies have the potential to transform the energy industry as North America moves to a lower-carbon future. Thébeau has had a long and varied career with Union Gas, which she joined immediately following graduation from UNB. She has held many different roles within the engineering department, including distribution planning, station engineering, controls engineering and project management. Before joining the technology and innovation team, Thébeau worked in the regulatory and lands department, where as a director, she was accountable for delivering successful regulatory decisions for the company’s maintenance and growth projects. When she’s not in the office, Thébeau devotes her time to helping others, volunteering in her community of Chatham-Kent and its local schools through initiatives such as Junior Achievement. She also enjoys spending time with her family, while trying to fit in an occasional game of squash.
Fiona Zuzarte
Fiona is a Senior Science and Technology Advisor with the Office of Energy Research and Development with Natural Resources Canada, where she manages the industrial energy efficiency portfolio. She has many years of broad expertise in energy management in a wide range of industry subsectors throughout Canada and internationally, including China and India. She has worked closely with industry on energy management as a consultant with ICF Marbek, with the sustainable development of biofuels with the Stockholm Environment Institute and, in the engineering, design and development of gas turbine engines with Pratt and Whitney Canada.