HIMSS Middle East Integrated Health Innovations Conference 2014


HIMSS Middle East Integrated Health Innovations Award




The HIMSS Middle East Integrated Health Innovations (IHI) Award inspires global engagement in applying technology to healthcare's most pressing problems by recognizing individuals, organizations, and companies that use innovative health technology solutions.

Integrated Health Innovations (IHI) Award winners profoundly improve healthcare outcomes and conditions through the use of technology. It is the goal of IHI Awards to showcase their compelling stories and reward their brilliant accomplishments as evaluated by their peers.

Applications are evaluated in real-time based on instantaneous feedback from Conference Delegates. Key criteria that delegates will be instructed to provide are:

The technology application significantly improves or offers a unique opportunity to improve healthcare outcomes in one of the 3 award areas: Acute Care, Community Health Care and mHealth.

A serious problem or challenge in Middle East Healthcare Systems that is addressed by the use of technology.

The application of this innovative technology, which may be either a new invention or an innovative use of an existing technology, makes a noteworthy contribution that surpasses previous or current solutions.

The technology application is scalable beyond its current instance and could be used in diverse geographical and healthcare settings.

The technology application is currently in use in the field and has demonstrated a measurable benefit.





Acute Care Award

The Hospital is the most intensive and most costly setting for healthcare delivery. Simple innovative technologies in acute care settings can result in reduced cost, prevent missed healthcare opportunities, and improve patient outcomes. Still many, well-accepted technologies that have been deployed in other industries, are still being introduced into healthcare. Demonstrations for this category need not be ground breaking, but must be impactful, cost-effective and scalable.


Community Healthcare Award

Community Healthcare is the first line of defense to preventing costly, and in many cases, preventable hospital admissions, however Community Healthcare typically has the lowest level of investment and resources to invest in information technology. Appropriate technologies to allow clinicians to effectively reach and treat patients and for patients to be connected to community care will be considered in this category.

mHealth Award

As wireless connectivity leaps over land lines and snail mail, mHealth is resonating in the GCC and in much of the World as a major channel to make healthcare accessible and scalable. But where are we in the hype cycle? Is mobile health taking hold in a practical way and what is really working? Innovations in this category may span from the reaches mobile based telehealth to fitness, but should show real promise in driving improved healthcare outcomes.



Additional Guidelines


Applicants may submit their application in one category only.

Application consists of a 30-40 word description of the innovation, how it is currently used or will be used, expected or achieved outcomes, testimonials of users/third parties or those who have directly realized benefits from the innovation are encouraged.

Applicants who are selected to present their innovation will have a 10 minute limit to present their innovation and will have access to only standard audio-visual equipment including a microphone, LCD projector and a standard audio system interface.

Applications for the HIMSS Middle East Integrated Health Innovations Award 2014 will close at 11:59 CET on December 1, 2014

Please send all submissions, in English, to Ms. Sarah Grant at sgrant@himss.org.