2019 Global Specialty Lens Symposium
Accepted Poster Submissions
Appearing in alphabetical order by title.

Matt Lampa
Category Title Primary Author Co-Authors
Clinical "I am not Lazy...My Doctor Was!" Utilizing Hybrid Lens Designs on "Amblyopic" Anisometropic Astigmat Gregory Pappas Frances Mangahas
Louise Sclafani
Clinical A Case Series: Peripheral Corneal Thinning and Scleral Lenses Tina Zhu Florencia Yeh
Clinical A Series of Unfortunate Events...: Increased Incidence of Acute Corneal Hydrops with Scleral Lenses Swati Kumar Thuy-Lan Nguyen
Clinical Annular Ring with Tint for Fixed Pupils Alexa Westerbeck
Clinical Ask the Expert: A Presbyopic Fit Complicated Further By a Chalazion Solved with an Empirical Design Samantha Myers Nicholas Gidosh
Clinical Assessing Additional Sources of Front Toric Cylinder in the Bitoric Scleral Lens Fitting Process Sharon Park Keh
Clinical BostonSight® PROSE Treatment of Familial Dysautonomia Induced Severe Ocular Surface Disease. Taylor Harris
Clinical Case Report: Are Scleral Lenses That Provide 20/20 Vision Good Enough for Keratoconus Patients? Lan Chi Nguyen Gareth Hastings
Matt Kauffman
Raymond Applegate
Jason Marsack
Clinical Case report: Toric scleral lens fitting in an advanced keratoconus patient with central corneal scar Katherine Hiu-Yan So Angel Chun-Ki Wong
Clinical Case Series: Scleral Lens Success with Corneal Dystrophies Carol Yu Anisha Patel
Chandra Mickles
Clinical Challenges in Fitting a Corneal GP Lens and Scleral Lens For Keratoconus and a Limbal Dermoid Vakishan Nadarajah
Clinical Comparative Analysis of Comfort and Hyperemia for Keratoconic Scleral Lens wearers Debby Yeung Paul Murphy
Luigina Sorbara
Clinical Contact Lens Challenges for Microcornea with a Glaucoma Drainage Device Jonathan Chen Julie DeKinder
Clinical Contact Lens Induced Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency Javeria Azhar
Clinical Contact Lens Management and Complications in a Post Penetrating Keratoplasty Patient with Esotropia Tatyana Budarina Irene Frantzis
Clinical Corneal and Scleral Elevation Topography Changes After Corneal Hydrops in Keratoconus Cases Greg DeNaeyer
Clinical Custom Soft Contact Lens Fitting for a Cranial Nerve IV Palsy Alexandria Lui Katie Connolly
Neil Pence
Clinical Customized Bi-toric Corneal Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses for High Astigmatism: A Case Report Dick Man Lam
Clinical Different cornea profile? Keep calm and fit specialty soft lens Maria Giulia Muzzi Riccardo Giulianelli
Clinical Double vision? Ask for a double-check Marie-Michèle Dupuis Langis Michaud
Clinical DSEK Rejection: A Case Series Laurel Roberts Jennifer Harthan
Renee Reeder
Lindsay Sicks
Clinical Efficacy of Dual Axis & Spherical Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) in Decreasing Corneal Astigmatism Erin Tomiyama Sheila Morrison
Kathryn Richdale
Clinical Enhance Success with Scleral Toricity Melissa Barnett
Clinical Extended Wear Scleral Lens - A Last Resort Cheryl Zabrowski
Clinical Fitting a Keratoconus Patient into a Multifocal GP Contact Lens with an Aspheric Back Surface Design Danica Yang David Libassi
Clinical Fitting and troubleshooting a challenging toric orthokeratology case Rami Aboumourad Kellen Riccobono
Kathryn Richdale
Clinical Front Surface Scleral Lens Toricity Secondary to Changing Corneal Sequelae from Herpes Simplex Virus Rebecca Chung Derek Louie
Winston Chamberlain
Clinical Half Patches Require Full Lenses: Scleral Fitting for a Post-Op Bilateral Patch Graft Patient Chad Killen Patrick McManamon
Clinical How a Well-Fitted Scleral Lens With a High DkMaterial Can Allow For Regression of Neovascularization Hong Nguyen Thomas Arnold
Clinical Hybrid Multifocal Contact Lens Design for Myopia Management is Astigmatic Children Melanie Frogozo
Clinical Improved bandage contact lens fit after Boston KPro implantation with reverse-geometry soft lens Lenna Walker
Clinical Increase post-lens central tear film thickness to resolve central corneal staining in OK lens wear Singson Chi Keong KWAN Lachlan HOY
Clinical Inflammatory Corneal Neovascularization from Hybrid Lens Wear Florencia Yeh
Clinical Irregular Cornea Post-Traumatic Globe Rupture Managed via Scleral Lens Marcus Noyes Chantelle Mundy
Clinical Is Neo a No-Go? A Scleral Fit in a Patient with Chronic Neovascularization Secondary to Soft Lenses Jessica Walter
Clinical Keratoglobus vs Global Pellucid Marginal Degeneration at Global Manveen Bedi Timothy Edrington
Barry Weissman
Clinical Management of extreme corneal ectasia with a virtually designed custom multi-merdian scleral lens Tiffany Andrzejewski
Clinical Management of Graft versus Host Disease and Presbyopia with Multifocal Mini-Scleral Contact Lenses Alexandre Poirier-Lavallee Langis Michaud
Clinical Management of Myopia and Meridional Amblyopia with Multifocal Toric Soft Contact Lenses Franklin Bui Xiaoying Zhu
Clinical Management of Secondary Complications in Post-Radial Keratectomy Patient Yueren Wang Daniel Fuller
Clinical Management of Severe Conjunctival Prolapse in Scleral Contact Lens Patients Jocelyn Ou Elaine Chen
Clinical Management Options For Pediatric Advanced Keratoconus Joseph Isik Eva Duchnowski
Clinical Managing Dry Eye with Scleral Lenses in a Patient Without Lacrimal Glands due to Aspergillosis Elizabeth Escobedo
Clinical Optimizing Acuity with a Scleral Lens in a Young Patient with Dense Scarring from Pseudomonas Ulcer Katherine Zhang Judith Perrigin
Clinical Orange Tinted Contact Lenses for Light Induced Migraines: A Case Report Daniel Deligio
Clinical Orthokeratology is a Gem: Utilizing Sapphire and Emerald Lens Designs Colleen Gibson Nicholas Gidosh
Clinical Outstanding Outcome: Scleral Lenses in Severe Keratoconus Status-Post Novel CXL Almas Khan Chandra Mickles
Clinical Piggyback Attack: Piggyback Lens Fit Secondary to Traumatic Ocular Injuries Jessica Tu
Clinical Piggybacking Prosthetic Iris Lenses and Sclerals: Cosmetic and Visual Correction for Iris Coloboma Andrew Fischer Sarah Henderson
David Kading
Clinical Progressive Corneal Normalization After Acanthamoeba Keratitis in the Presence of Scleral Lens Wear Tina Zhu Brianna Ryff
Grace Liao
Robert Fintelmann
Clinical Prosthetic Contact Lens Masks Full Corneal Opacity Secondary to Trauma Laurel Roberts Jennifer Harthan
Stephanie Fromstein
Clinical Prosthetic Tinted Lens Use to Manage Symptoms Secondary to a Traumatic Eye Injury Bryan Williams
Clinical Redesign of ortho-k lenses using computerised simulation to resolve the corneal indentation rings Singson Chi Keong KWAN Lachlan HOY
Clinical Resolution of EBMD Induced Monocular Diplopia after TBI with Corneal Gas Permeable Contact Lenses Catherine Wright
Clinical Resolution of Visual Symptoms associated with scarring following resolved microbial keratitis Arezo Pirzad Patrick McManamon
Clinical Scleral Contact Lens Management of a Case of Irregular Corneas Secondary to Chemical Burns Ryan Nguyen Arnie Patrick
Clinical Scleral Lens Fit for Dry Eye with Ahmed Valve Alexa Westerbeck
Clinical Scleral Lens Fitted on Infant with Congenital Limbal Dermoid as Prevention of Refractive Amblyopia Ivan Hare Eli Savyon
Adina Fried
Fanny Segev
Judith Raz
Clinical Scleral Lens Fitting Complications In A Non-Compliant Patient With Ocular Surface Disease Jessica Tu
Clinical Scleral Lens Fitting for Ruptured Globe and Aphakia in a Pediatric Patient Michael Franzone
Clinical Scleral Lens on Patient with Blepharophimosis Amanda Golchin
Clinical Scleral Lenses Have you Seeing Double? Utilizing Vertical Prism in Sclerals Nicholas Gidosh
Clinical Scleral Lenses in the Management of Phlyctenular Keratoconjunctivitis Lindsay Sicks
Clinical Scleral lenses: two birds, one stone Kerstin Abreau Patrick McManamon
Clinical Semi-scleral lens fitting with segment specific-ACT in irregular cornea patient after chemical burn Chun Ki Angel Wong
Clinical Skydiving and Scleral Lenses: A Perfect Combination Christopher Albright Patrick McManamon
Clinical Spherical versus Dual Axis Orthokeratology Lenses Kellen Riccobono Sheila Morrison
Leah Johnson
Jan Bergmanson
Clinical Stevens Johnson Syndrome, Keratoconus, and the Scleral Lens Curtis Finch Brianna Ryff
Amy Schweikert
Clinical Stopping a Scleral Lens from Rockin’ and Rollin’ on a Highly Toric Sclera Jeffrey Sonsino Louise Sclafani
Clinical Successful Scleral Lens Fit After Failure in a Hybrid Lens in a Post-RK Patient Tristan Barrueco Harald Olafsson
Clinical Successful scleral lens wear in a case of argyrosis Stephanie Pisano
Clinical Superior Front surface astigmatism stabilization with toric haptics in the Synergeyes VS lens. vivian shibayama Michael Baker
Clinical The Effect of Scleral Lens on Corneal Topography in Keratoconus: Crosslinked vs Non Crosslinked eyes Jenya Davelman Boris Severinsky
Daddi Fadel
Clinical The eye that has been through it all can now see it all: Scleral lenses for post-refractive ectasia Roxanne Chalifoux Patrick McManamon
Clinical The use of EyePrint lens to decrease erosion risks on patch grafts with glaucoma drainage implants Nikita Aneja Evan Kaufman
Clinical Therapeutic Tinted Soft Contact Lenses for Glare Secondary to Dysphotopsias and Pigmentary Glaucoma Lauren Choy Molly Cardenal
Sarah Henderson
Clinical Treatment of Radiation Induced Dry Eye Disease with Scleral Lenses Andrew Fischer David Kading
Clinical Twinkle Eyes: A Unique Way to Manage IOL Reflections Suzanne Sherman
Clinical Unilateral Keratoconus? A Clinical Case Report Using Updated Diagnostic and Grading Systems John Gialousakis
Clinical Unintended Consequences of Elective Surgery: Therapeutic Scleral Lens Fit for Post-LASIK Ectasia Chynna Tang Amara Callahan
Molly Cardenal
Clinical Unique Indication of Hybrid Lenses in the Setting of a Boston Keratoprosthesis Type I Dea Satrio
Clinical Use of a Piggyback System to Correct Symptomatic Polycoria Grace Liao Brianna Ryff
Clinical Use of a Scleral Lens for Independent Living in the Context of Ocular Catastrophe Madeleine Hacker Andrew Kornaus
Clinical Use of Contact Lenses in Managing Keratoconic Progression After Combined PRK and CXL Yue Zhang Luigina Sorbara
Catherine Wright
Lacey Haines
Clinical Utilization of OCT Imaging to Improve Office Efficiency in an Atypical Scleral Lens Fit Ryan McKinnis
Clinical Vision Rehabilitation Post-INTACs with Hybrid Lenses: A Case Report Tiffany Andrzejewski
 ClinicalVisual Outcome of Fitting of Rose-K2 XL Lens in a Case with Terrien's Marginal Degeneration: A Case Report
 Pabita DhungelGauri Shankar Shrestha, Sanjeeb Kumar Mishra
Clinical Visual fluctuations in patients with a history of radial keratotomy and scleral lens wear Jamie Blavat
Clinical Warp! There It Is: Scleral Lenses Improve Corneal Warpage Secondary to Tight Lids Samantha Myers Kriti Bhagat
Research A Comparison of Manual Keratometry and Simulated Keratometry When Determining Central K-Readings Frank Spors Jie Shen
Dorcas Tsang
Lance McNaughton
Donald Egan
Research A model for estimating Intraocular Pressure with Scleral Contact Lenses on the Eye. Apeameokhai Aitsebaomo Jeannette Wong-Powell
William Miller
Farshid Amire
Research Accommodation Response and Spherical Aberration During Orthokeratology Wearing Gonzalo Carracedo Laura Batres
Sara Peruzzo
Maria Serramito
Research Association of pre-operative factors with corneal thickness changes after crosslinking surgery Lacey Haines Olivera Kralj
Sebastian Marschall
Ahmed Gawish
Paul Fieguth
Neera Singal
Hall Chew
David Rootman
Allan Slomovic
Wendy Hatch
Kostadinka Bizheva
Luigina Sorbara
Research Comparative Analysis of Keratoconic Scleral Lens Wearers With and Without Corneal Cross Linking Andrew Fischer David Kading
Sarah Henderson
Research Comparison of Peripheral Refraction with Single Vision and Multifocal Center Distance Soft CL Frank Spors Jie Shen
Dorcas Tsang
Angeline Ngo
Lance McNaughton
Research Corneal curvature and aberration changes after scleral lens wear in keratoconus patients Gonzalo Carracedo Maria Serramito
Laura Batres
Research Crossover Comparison of Two Novel Comfilcon A Lens Designs Daniel Fuller
 ResearchDo Spherical Soft Lenses for Myopia Induce Peripheral Hyperopic Defocus?
Emily Cheng
Patrick Caroline, Beth Kinoshita, Matthew Lampa, Mark Andrew, Randy Kojima
Research Does the pH of Scleral Lens Filling Solutions Affect Comfort in Normal and Dry Eye Patients? Emily Cheng Patrick Caroline
Beth Kinoshita
Matt Lampa, Mark Andre, Randy Kojima
Research Effect of optical zone diameter of orthokeratology lenses over the keratometric profile Gonzalo Carracedo Teresa Maria Espinosa Vidal
Irene Martinez Alberquilla
Laura Batres Valderas
Andrew Fischer
Research Establishment of optimal culture media in human corneal epithelial wound healing models Lyndon Jones Emma Dare
Chung Ki Fung
David McCanna
Lakshman Subbaraman
Research Fitting hybrid lenses with the Eye Surface Profiler Ilse Flux Kyriakos Telamitsi
Research Hybrid Contact Lens Orthokeratology for High Astigmatism Trinh Doan
Research Impact of Meibomian Gland Width on Successful Contact Lens Use Andrew Pucker Lisa Jones-Jordan
Carolina Kunnen
Sebastian Marx
Daniel Powell
Justin Kwan
Sruthi Srinivasan
Wolfgang Sickenberger
Lyndon Jones
Research Impact of soft lens sagittal depth on corneal topography Langis Michaud
Research Impact on GP Lens Parameters after storage in a non-neutralizing hydrogen peroxide case Langis Michaud Anna Zarouk
Research Improvements in symptoms related to mid-day fogging with a novel scleral lens filling solution Matthew Karres Jennifer Fogt
Abigail Graeff
Joesph Barr
Research Initial Scleral Contact Lens Wearing Experience Katherine Bickle Lisa Jones-Jordan
Jamie Kuhn
Carolina Kunnen
Justin Kwan
Anita Ticak
Jessica Mathew
Andrew Pucker
Research Investigating the Relationship Between Tear Osmolarity and Meibomian Gland Expression David Kading Andrew Fischer
Sarah Henderson
Research Method optimization to quantify four neuropeptides in the human tear film Lyndon Jones Asiya Jabeen
Miriam Heynen
Sruthi Srinivasan
Lakshman Subbaraman
Research Next generation diffractive multifocal contact lenses for presbyopia correction Sam Butler
Research Novel in-vitro method to study bacterial binding to contact lens materials Lyndon Jones Alan Yee
Asiya Jabeen
David McCanna
Chau Minh-Phan
Lakshman Subbaraman
Research Objective and subjective visual performance of a daily soft contact lens for presbyopia. Giancarlo Montani
Research Ordering MicroVault lenses based on sagittal height data. Ilse Flux Kyriakos Telamitsi
Research Prevalence of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction in Patients with Keratoconus Andrew McLeod Amy Nau
Jennifer Harthan
Research Prevalence of Residual Astigmatism following Scleral Lens Wear in Keratoconus Patients Gabriella Courey Langis Michaud
Research Quantitative evaluation of lens deposits and the effect of cleaners in worn orthokeratology lenses Takahiro Hiraoka Madoka Yoshimitsu
Jacinto Santodomingo-Rubido
 ResearchSag Distributation for 16.5 mm Scleral Lenses?
 Randy Kojima
 Patrick Caroline, Beth Kinoshita, Matthew Lampa, Mark Andre, Emily Cheng
Research Seasonal changes in reported comfort in established scleral lens wearers Matthew Karres Jennifer Fogt
Research The Impact of Orthokeratology Lens Use and Duration on Meibomian Gland Area Loss David Kading Andrew Fischer
Sarah Henderson
ResearchWhat Topographical Indices Influence Orthokeratology Outcomes?
Randy Kojima
 Steven Turpin, Patrick Caroline, Beth Kinoshita, Matthew Lampa, Mark Andre, Emily Cheng
Research Which is better? Addipak versus Sclerafil for Dry Eye Scleral lens wearers Chandra Mickles Jennifer Harthan
Melissa Barnett
 ResearchWho Needs Zone Modifications in a Scleral Lens?
Randy Kojima
Patrick Caroline, Beth Kinoshita, Matthew Lampa, Mark Andre, Emily Cheng