Groningen Declaration Network Annual Meeting 2019

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by sponsoring the 2019 Annual Meeting. 

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The Groningen Declaration Network (GDN) was formally established in 2012 to develop best practices and globally accepted standards for the secure, citizen centred consultation of educational data – allowing globally mobile citizens to share their authentic educational data with whomever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want.

Each year, representatives from more than 80 signatories and participants gather at the GDN Annual Meeting to share, learn and lead discussion on developing business and technical platforms to improve the data from learning experiences and the credentials attained via formal and informal learning environments.


In 2019 the GDN Annual Meeting will take place between the 24-26 April hosted by the University UPAEP in Puebla, Mexico. Reflecting the GDN’s swift growth and successful engagement, this event will take place in Mexico for the first time, after events in Groningen (2012), Beijing (2013), Washington DC (2014), Malaga (2015), Cape Town (2016), Melbourne (2017) and Paris (2018). With over 150 participants in 2018, the Annual Meeting is a unique opportunity to engage with a vibrant network of senior executives from around the world.

As an important contributor to the data ecosystem that fosters and supports the portability of academic credentials, we invite you to join us for this exclusive opportunity and position your organisation where the critical conversations begin. Connect and confer with a passionate group of leaders dedicated to collaboratively delivering student data accessibility. 

Sponsorship of the 2019 GDN Annual Meeting is now open and will connect your organisation with others who are guiding the global movement to increase respect and recognition of the currency of learning. In a rapidly expanding market, this opportunity offers a chance to strategically align your organisation with the vanguard of cross-border human capital mobility development.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for the 2019 Annual Meeting in the following categories: 

 Premier SponsorAnnual Meeting, Dinner18,000 Euro SOLD
 Platinum Sponsor Annual Meeting, Reception12,000 Euro SOLD
 Gold Sponsor Keynote Speaker Session9,000 EuroTwo packages available 
 Gold Sponsor Annual Meeting, Lunch9,000 EuroTwo packages available
 Silver SponsorFirst Timer Event6,000 Euro SOLD
 Silver Sponsor Satchel 6,000 Euro SOLD
 Silver Sponsor Lanyards6,000 Euro SOLD
 Bronze Sponsor Annual Meeting Hospitality4,000 EuroFour packages available
 Bronze SponsorAnnual Meeting Bursaries4,000 EuroTwo packages available

All sponsorship packages are listed in Euros and charged in the country where the GDN is registered - The Netherlands.

In addition, the Board of the Groningen Declaration Network would be delighted to discuss tailoring a sponsorship package that meets the needs and interests of your organisation and profile. Your generous sponsorship will be acknowledged and highlighted as described in the packages as outlined in the following pages.

CONTACT DETAILS (on behalf of the GDN Board of Directors): 

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