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Marketplace General Assembly

16 - 17 May 2019 - Brussels, Belgium

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Deal: EIP-SCC Marketplace Matchmaking

An opportunity for urban project promoters and financiers to connect.


As urban populations swell, infrastructure needs mount and budget constraints loom, cities and their citizens need help to move urgent civic improvement projects forward. We have expanded our activities to matchmaking: an opportunity for cities and the private sector to connect with financiers around specific project discussions. It is our aim to bridge the gap of access to finance, and to build the connections between the various players needed for projects to happen.

This online platform was launched in May 2018 and facilitates these urban project promoters and financiers to connect online, in order to facilitate meaningful connections to happen offline.


We are regularly organising events with coordinated meetings between those who submit projects and the financiers


For more on the previous, which took place in Turin, Italy on 25-26 March 2019, click here.


Introduction video

Matchmaking Video from EIP-SCC Marketplace on Vimeo.


Need support?

The Matchmaking team is happy to support you to complete the journey of signing up, submitting a project, improving your submission and connecting with financiers and urban project promoters.

Contact us at matchmaking@eu-smartcities.eu.