Friendship Force World Conference 2015
Welcome to Vancouver - Canada's Gateway to the Pacific! 

We are delighted that FFI has chosen Vancouver to be the site of their 38th World Conference. What better place to stage a conference with the theme “Building Bridges”  than Vancouver – a city which boasts over 22 bridges and tunnels linking it to the Lower Mainland of British Columbia!

Good friends are a lot like bridges. They serve as a connection to life – a tie to the past, a road to the future, and a conduit through which we may live a fulfilling life in the present. It has been said that strangers are just friends waiting to happen. If that is the case, FF Metro Vancouver is planning to do just that. We are eager to embrace you as our newest  FFI friends and to showcase Canada's  Pacific West Coast.  

“Come join us and you'll see our hospitality will match the best you've had along the way” (as sung at the Auckland Conference 2014). 

See you soon! 

Dan and Lissa Macmaster, Vancouver Conference Co-Chairs

Host CommitteeMarian Ennis, Angie Grikis, Lindsey McCann, Maureen Pringle, and Pearl Wong.