WCO instruments/ tools and relevant information on Free zones

      ▪ WCO Revised Kyoto Convention (Chapter 2 (Free Zones) of Specific Annex D)

    ▪ WCO Research Paper No.47: “‘Extraterritoriality’ of Free Zones: The necessity for enhanced Customs involvement”: please click here  

      ▪ WCO Draft Free Zone Practical Guidance please click here

      ▪ WCO Secretariat Note on the Safe and Secure Storage of Dangerous Goods please click here

WCO News

    ▪ WCO News June 2020 WCO’s development of draft “Practical Guidance on Free Zones” By Satoko Kagawa and Kenji Omi, WCO Secretariat  

     ▪ WCO News June 2019 “Free zones: Georgia’s experience By the Customs Department of the Revenue Service, Georgia 

    ▪ WCO News February 2019 “Overview of the Dominican Republic’s free zone sector” By the General Directorate of Customs, Dominican Republic

      ▪  WCO News October 2018 “Addressing challenges related to Customs controls in free zones” By Mariya Polner, Senior Policy Advisor, and Satoko Kagawa, Technical Officer, Compliance and Facilitation Directorate, WCO

      ▪ WCO News June 2016 “Switzerland addresses the traffic in cultural goods By Professor Jean-Robert Gisler, FEDERAL OFFICE OF POLICE, SWITZERLAND


Other information and Side papers

      ▪ The Recommendation on Countering Illicit Trade: Enhancing Transparency in Free Trade Zones” (OECD Recommendation)

    ▪ Davis, J., Isherwood, T., Maalouli, R., Spaner, J., and Lely, R. (2019), How customs agencies can help special economic zones succeed, August 2019, McKinsey & Company

   ▪ FATF, Money laundering vulnerabilities of Free Trade Zones, March 2010

   ▪ OECD and EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) (2018), Trade in Counterfeit Goods and Free Trade Zones, 15 March 2018, -en.htm

      ▪ ICC BASCAP (International Chamber of Commerce, Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy), Controlling the Zone: Balancing facilitation and control to combat illicit trade in the world’s Free Trade Zones, December 2020,

   ▪ UNCTAD Technical Paper “The Treatment of Goods Originating in Special Economic Arrangements / Zones in the African Continental Free Trade Area” please click here


WCO related information

      ▪ WCO Online Survey on Free Zone (2018)

      WCO-ICC Joint Survey on Free zone (2019)