Citi-FT Financial Education Summit 2013


Moving Financial Capability Forward: Innovation, Scale and Impact

The Citi-FT Financial Education Summit, organised by the Citi Foundation, the Pearson Foundation and the Financial Times, marks its 10th anniversary as the leading annual global forum on financial literacy and capability.

The last decade has seen a significant transformation in the field of financial education. Once limited to a small number of NGOs and philanthropic institutions working in low-income communities, the sector has expanded to cover a broad range of population segments, including children, young adults, women and the elderly, and has become a priority issue among educators, policy-makers, financial service providers and a growing number of donors.

More recently, these key stakeholder groups have broadened their attention to explore approaches that demonstrate impact and achieve scale. Many are also testing innovative tools and products that encourage budgeting, saving, managing and reducing debt, long-term financial planning and other positive financial behaviour. Increasingly, technology and product design are playing an integral role in improving financial skills as governments work with private sector providers and civil society to establish national financial education frameworks.

The 2013 Summit in Hong Kong will highlight this progress and explore what still needs to be done in both developed and emerging economies to address the financial education gap.

The event will:

  • Showcase technology and product innovations that enhance the financial capability of low-income groups, including youth, migrant workers, women, rural farmers, factory workers and the elderly
  • Explore methods for measuring the impact of financial education programmes
  • Examine models with the potential of reaching scale, with a particular focus on more sustainable, cost-effective approaches

Join more than 250 representatives of non-profit organisations, financial services institutions, government agencies, regulatory bodies, multilateral institutions, microfinance institutions, consumer advocacy groups, educational organisations, and businesses -- from Asia Pacific and beyond – for this milestone event. 

For enquiries, please contact:

T: +852 2905 5515
F: +852 2537 1211