2016 Festival of Bright Ideas


1. MONA 24 Carrot Gardons
From the Cosmos to your cup we look at the water cycle and how we use water to grow, harvest, share and prepare the delicious, organic produce we grow.

2. Robotics Tasmania Champions & Challengers
See Robocup Jr. LEGO robots in action and build your own $45 Bluebooth controlled robot.
Fishcare Tasmania

Learn about recreational fishing, how to protect the marine environment for future generations and what information is used to make fishing regulations.

4. Engineers Australia
Engineered for Life

See some Tasmanian engineering projects that are touching your daily life and talk to living engineers who work in one o the most global careers available.
5. Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery
Age of the Arthrobots

Understanding how arthropods work can help build a better robot, but is it possible to turn living arthropods into robots?

6. Concrete Dreams
Electric Horsemen - Custom Electric Vehicles

Come and see, touch and feel the bikes. See inside a 'Hub' motor and learn how it works. Watch a video or two, or just hang out and look cool.
7. City of Hobart
The Science Behind Managing Hobart's Bush
Discover the science behind managing Hobart's bush. From sampling leaf litter bugs to identifying scats, tracks and images. Help us identify the biodiversity hot spots of Hobart's bush.

8. Make Science Fun
Amazing Wiggly Water Wave
The Amazing Wiggly Water Wave is a visual treat for participants who just won't believe their eyes!
9. Bookend Trust
Cirque 2 Sea
Find and identify water bugs to see how they can help us understand water quality.

10. The Friends' School
Curiouser and Curiouser
Do your eyes play tricks on you? Come and see. Are you sensitive to smell? Who knows! Come and get a taste of brain science and find out.
11. Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture
Drones, remote technology and optical sensors
Are the modern face of agriculture. Farmers are using quadcopters, smart GPS collars for livestock, lasers and thermal imaging to help them better manage their businesses. Come and find out how these agritech tools of today and tomorrow are changing the face of agriculture.

12. Resource Work Cooperative
Creative Reuse

Is rubbish really useless? We don’t think so… Learn about resource salvaging, reuse, and the many lives of materials!
13. Innovatas
Design Thinking & 3D Printing
What can design thinking do for you? Visit this showcase of computer aided design and 3D printing.

14. Royal Australian Chemical Institute
"Tour de Force"
Experience the very weak forces present between atoms and molecules in everyday and exotic materials through interactive displays and activities.
15. NRM South
Get Down & Dirty for Soil Health
We all rely on dirt. Most food grows from it and we must look after soil forever. Learn how from science!

16. Science Teachers Association of Tasmania
See the best Photographic Essays and Poster entries from the 2016 Tasmanian Science Talent Search and have a go at building a drone, droid or android with LEGO.
17. Sustainable Learning Centre
Fun with Fibonacci
Discover fibonacci numbers and have fun exploring how they create patterns in nature.

18. Hobart Hackerspace
Be inspired - discover electronics!
Live demonstrations, 3 axis CNC machining, electronics disassemble bench, arduino projects and more!
Find out how we innovate data, check out virtual reality, stress a tree and see how we use Australia’s national research ship to understand the ocean.

20. Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre
Surveying the Antarctic Continent Learn how we survey Antarctic sea ice with drones and satellites, and try on some polar explorer gear!
21. Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
Observe the life cycle of a lobster, let your fingers explore the touch tanks and discover the autonomous underwater vehicles that IMAS use to undertake their research in our oceans.

22. Australian Maritime College
Australian Maritime College Sailing Simulator
Hop in our sailing simulator and navigate your way around a virtual bay in our hydraulic sailboat.
23. Freedom Class - Giant Drone Racing Drones!
Be amazed by this display of drones including the world's largest fastest and most powerful, through to tiny drones that you can learn to fly onsite!

24. TasWater
Detecting the Buried, Microscopic & Concealed

Come and see some of the technology that TasWater uses to ensure our water and wastewater systems are working effectively.
25. Radio & Electronics
Radio & Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania (REAST)
Find out how we can communicate using light, how does Digital Data Transmission work? What is Software Defined Radio and how you can decode signals so weak the human ear cannot hear them?

26. Menzies Institute for Medical Research
Showcasing the fantastic medical research that takes place in Tasmania in the areas of population health, laboratory research and clinical research.
27. Landsdowne Crescent Primary School
Land to Sea
Discover the dichotomous key and how you can use this tool to identify creatures in any environment, including your backyard! Also find out about an amazing interactive trail not far from your doorstep.

28. UTAS Robotics
Demonstrations including our 2016 FRC Robot, Drones from the UTAS Drone Lab, Arduino Mini-bots, Custom and LEGO RoboCup Junior competition robots, a robot that moves in all directions without turning, and more!
29. UTAS Motorsport
Take a close look at UTAS Motorsport's 2015 race car and check out some of the designs and components in production for the 2016 vehicle.

30. 3D Scanned People, by Joseph Barrows, Digital Artist
Be scanned into a 3D model for viewing and 3D printing.
31. The Atlas of Living Australia
Discovered a creature in your house, at the park, or on the beach and like to know more about it? The Atlas of Living Australia contains information on almost 200,000 species and you can learn about them all using this amazing online tool!

32. WhySci
When you lose weight, where does it go? Come to WhySci to find out!
33. Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre
Marine Discovery
Plunge your hands into the touch tank and meet live marine animals, peer into the microscope to see live plankton, and watch the remotely operated underwater vehicle in action.

34. Landsdowne Crescent Primary School
Survival of the Fishest!
There's no PLANet B Have you ever imagined you were an endangered animal? Discover the threats to marine animals that have put them on the endangered list and learn what you can do to help them survive.
35. Young Tassie Scientists
Find Out What Scientists Really Do!

These local young scientists share their passion for science through hands-on activities for all ages.

36. City of Hobart
Imagination Playground 
What amazing structures can you build in the Imagination playground? Create, learn and have fun with these giant blue blocks – your imagination knows no limits!

37. Australian Antarctic Festival
The Antarctic community in Hobart comes together in September to celebrate the beginning of a new season at the Australian Antarctic Festival. Visit us to discover all the exciting activities happening at this inaugural festival.

More information can be found on the wesite www.antarcticfestival.com.au

38. Svenja Kratz
Small Wonders: A Collection of Curiousities 2016

The installation by Tasmanian-based artist Svenja Kratz consists of a series of oddities and artefacts from the artist's personal collection including mummified calf, hybrid taxidermy and mutant proteins.  Each item forms part of an ongoing dialogue and fascination with evolution of scientific knowledge, ethics and the potentials and implications of new and emerging technologies.