Ethical Finance 2018



The UKIFC is a specialist advisory and development body focused on promoting and enhancing the global Islamic and ethical finance industry. The organisation was launched in 2005 as a not-for-profit by a group of likeminded professionals who sought to make a contribution to the development of the Islamic finance industry. The UKIFC specialises in four core areas:

  1. Ethical finance - helping to promote better co-ordination and understanding of the shared values between Islamic finance and the broader ethical finance arena.
  2. Advisory - specialist capability in advising government agencies, regulatory bodies and financial institutions on creating enabling frameworks for Islamic finance.
  3. Executive training – delivering bespoke capacity building programmes aimed at practitioners and regulators focused on commercial issues.
  4. Thought leadership – authoring reports, community education and providing industry comment towards influencing regulation and encouraging the development of the sector based on strong research and insights.

Leaders in Ethical Finance

Within the Islamic finance arena, the UKIFC has been the first body to focus on the contemporary ethical finance market identifying areas of synergy and co-ordination since 2010. Over eight years the UKIFC has pioneered many initiatives which have become internationally acclaimed and award winning moving the debate in Islamic finance to consider the broader ethical finance thematic which has encouraged other organisations to join the dialogue. Our work includes:

  • Convening the international Global Ethical Finance Forum in 2015 and 2017 supported by Scottish Government and RBS.
  • Designing and launching the Ethical Finance Hub, the UK’s first dedicated platform for ethical finance.
  • Initiating the world’s first joint venture between Islamic finance and the Church.
  • Leading the development of the UNDP backed Faith Consistent Investment Alliance.
  • Establishing and successfully running (for several years) the award-winning Edinburgh Ethical Finance Round Table Series which has become the country’s leading platform for ethical finance.

Our experience and expertise gives the UKIFC unique insight into both the Islamic and ethical finance markets to a depth unparalleled by any other Islamic finance organisation. We are regularly approached by stakeholders, in both mainstream ethical finance and Islamic finance, for advice and support. Our capabilities include:

  • UN SDGs – advising, capacity building and monitoring tools for all financial institutions with a special tool kit for Islamic financial institutions.
  • Advising on integrating Islamic with broader ethical finance strategies for product design to widen product appeal.
  • Advising conventional ethical finance bodies on adding an Islamic finance dimension to tap into new markets.
  • Planning, organising and supporting Islamic, ethical and interfaith finance events/conferences for publicity, product launches, educational and awareness purposes.

Responsible Investor

Founded in 2007, Response Global Media (RGM), the parent company of Responsible is a stakeholder-driven media company at the forefront of the mainstreaming of sustainability in finance.

Being a stakeholder-driven media company means that it writes dedicated news, features and commentary about a business sector's activities and organises events and conferences to present and debate relevant content and enable professional contact and networking for stakeholders within that sector.

Since Responsible Investor started in 2007, it has become the go-to media platform for this $68 trillion sector; leading strategic, sustainable change in financial markets through thought-leadership, proprietary journalism and community building.

During that time the responsible investment, ESG and sustainable finance community has grown exponentially, best evidenced by the 900% increase in signatories to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment.

RGM believes in the importance and growth opportunity of the professional communities it serves and its ambition is to be the leading, go-to media platform for the sector with a continually evolving publishing offering.

RGM creates sustainable value through diverse revenue-generating business lines and aims to take advantage of the mainstreaming of sustainability in corporate business decisions and finance/investment decisions, and the emergence of new communities around that.

Business lines:
Daily, global news-wire: 5,000 paying subscribers, 10,000 affiliated members.

Multi-stakeholder Conferences
RI Europe | London (700+ attendees)
RI Americas | New York (370+)
RI Asia Japan | Tokyo (450+)

A suite of 10+ smaller workshops / roundtables globally.

A range of editorially driven and commercial webinars.