The Energy State of the Nation 2016

The annual energy industry event for young ambitious energy leaders

The Energy State of the Nation forum (ESON 2016) will be held in Sydney on 18 March 2016.  In preparation for these events, we are assembling our Future Energy Leaders group six months in advance and offering them a specific challenge. 

The Institute considers that the scale of the transformation of the energy system, the number of affected stakeholders and the time-frame over which the transformation will take place requires a long-term narrative to provide coherence to the actions that will be undertaken to pursue the objectives at national, state and local levels.

The challenge we are posing for our Future Energy Leaders group is to define what information the broad community needs to reach an informed opinion about the pros and cons of the main alternative energy forms – taking account of both economic and emissions effects. The group will also be asked to help design a web-based information service to provide reliable, straightforward information to the community. The concept is outlined in the document Click here to download

Each Institute Member is now invited to nominate one employee to join the 2016 Future Energy Leaders group. There is no age limit but our preference is for participants to be aged 30 or below. As well as Institute Members, we will be inviting relevant Commonwealth Departments to nominate a participant, including the Department of Industry and Science and the Department of the Environment. This represents a unique opportunity for young professionals to work closely with their counterparts from industry and government and develop a service for the Australian public based on their knowledge, experience and creativity.

The chair of the 2016 Future Energy Leaders group and of Y[ESON] 2016 will be Caroline Stott of The University of Queensland Energy Initiative in Brisbane.

We now invite each Institute member to nominate an employee to attend.

We are asking each member to sponsor the cost of participation by their respective employee. A one-off charge of $395 per person will cover the Institute’s costs of organising the planning meetings and participation in both [Y]ESON 2016 and ESON 2016.

To apply, nominees are required to forward a short resume or cv to Rosemary Ryan at The Meetings Manager:   Applications will be acknowledged within 7-10 days.  Successful applicants will then be forwarded a [Y]ESON specific online link to register.