28/06 - 30/06/2019
17:00 - 15:00
United Kingdom

COPA Pilot Proficiency Program (CPPP)
The COPA Training Foundation organizes recurrent training with General Aviation ground courses and Aircraft-specific flight instruction during a weekend of socializing with like-minded owners and their partners. Many COPA members choose to make CPPP a key part of their annual or biannual training. Some insurance underwriters give benefits for attending a CPPP.

COPA Safety and Education Foundation / COPA University
The COPA Safety and Education Foundation is a charitable US 501c(3) non-profit foundation with the main goal of expanding education and safety in General Aviation. The foundation and their activities are directed to each and all GA pilots, independent of what make and model they fly. While CPPP events originally had been developed for Cirrus pilots, the program today reaches far beyond and addresses important safety related areas in 5 Colleges:

         College of Advanced Avionics - deals with modern cockpits and navigators, from the GNS430 via IFD440, GTN650, Avidyne Entegra, Sandel EHSI, Aspen Evolution to integrated cockpits like Garmin 1000, Cirrus Perspective, and Avidyne R9.
         Flight Operations - all about weather, including cockpit satellite weather displays, about norma, abnormal and emergency procedures, about aeronautical decision making (ADM) prior to and in-flight, to the legal aspects of flying.
         Aircraft Technology - all about engines, propellers, fuselage, including how to properly lean your engine, typical failures of parts and systems, inspections, and how to interprete a boroscope of your engine.
         Flight Simulation - in several modern FTS Procedure Trainers, and in a full motion flight simulator (sorry, in Poznan courses only), our flight instructors train pilots how to deal with critical and demanding scenarios, including those we wouldn't dare to try in the real airplane.
         Practical Flight - this is where all boils together - application of all the knowledge gained in the airplane.

These 5 colleges form the backbone of COPA University, whose instructors combine close to 100,000 hours of flight training given, while the seminar syllabus meanwhile has reached more than 50 classes to select from. (Note: not all classes are given at all CPPPs). The CPPPs are run in up to 5 parallel tracks, with an exact time schedule so that attendees can easily switch between the classes. All ground and flight training is offered by COPA Training Foundation, LLC, while funds for developing courses, classes and materials are provided by COPA Safety and Education Foundation. Attendee fees are used only to recover actual expenses of an event.  

Typical CPPP Weekend Event
The CPPP weekend offers participants a selection of ground courses, optional flight instruction segments with some of the most experienced COPA instructors, a Partner-in-Command program for non-pilot right seat companions, an extensively expanded simulator laboratory. All meals (including a Friday night welcome reception and a Saturday night dinner) and all hotel accommodations are pre-arrangend, but not included in the course fees. Event times are Friday beginning at around 18:00h (6:00pm) through Sunday concluding at 15:00 (3:00pm), all local times. 

The knowledge courses contain expanded content for 2019 from the colleges of COPA University. Notable are expanded and updated courses on avionics, weather, procedures, decision-making and aircraft systems. Note: Not all classes are available at all CPPPs.

The John Leber Simulator Laboratory
The COPA University laboratory workshop uses a customized version of the FlyThisSim TouchTrainer VX simulator.  The simulated aircraft can be configured with various avionics, including the Avidyne Entegra or the Garmin Perspective system with Garmin GFC700, STEC 55X, and Avidyne DFC90 autopilots. 

A new sim session, Loading, Activating, and Executing Instrument Approaches, reviews best practices for approach planning, and give participants a "Better Approach to their Approach".  They then will have the opportunity to fly three different instrument approaches to increase their knowledge and proficiency.

There will be two procedure trainers at each CPPP event (except Poznan) and slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. 

At this time we do not offer simulations of Garmin GTN650/750, Avidyne R9, or Avidyne IFD440/540 displays.  We plan to add support for these platforms at a later date. 

Partner in Command Course
The CPPP offers a Partner-in-Command course on Saturday morning for right-seat flyers. The PIC course has received rave reviews from partners who leave better prepared to survive an emergency and help their flying partner. Many CPPP participants wish they had invited their partners because of the positive impact on their partners. Partners will also receive a sim session for hands-on practice of what they learned in the PIC course. For additional information on the PIC course, click HERE.

Insurance Requirements
Flight participants must supply their own aircraft and provide a Certificate of Insurance to COPA Training Foundation, LLC (see the Insurance tab above for details).

Hotel Accommodation
Important note: Registration on the COPA University website allows for hotel reservation, but it does not cover the respective hotel accommodation fees. We do reserve a hotel block and will execute your reservations based on the data you are providing during the registration process. Please do not trigger duplicate registrations by contacting the hotel directly. 

This registration site will help you register yourself, a group, and your non-pilot partner and any others sharing your aircraft. For each person, you will be asked to select one of the participation choices given in the table below.. You will be asked for information about the participant, the aircraft configuration and flight experience. Non-Owner Flight Instructors and Non-Owner Mechanics (A&P) are offered a heavily discounted rate to encourage instructor and mechanics participation. This category is only for instructors or mechanics that do not own an aircraft. Instructors and mechanics that own an aircraft should register for Ground Only, or one of the flight options if desired.

Course Selection Registration Fees Optional Cancellation Protection
Ground + 2 Flight £ 945 £ 170
Ground + 1 Flight £ 685 £ 170
Ground + 1 Flight + 1 FTS Procedure Trainer Session £ 860 £ 170
Ground + 1 FTS Procedure Trainer Session £ 515 £ 170
Ground Only £ 345 £ 85
Partners/Right Seat - NON pilots £ 75 not available
Non-Owner Flight Instructor or Mechanics (A&P) £ 170 £ 85

The Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association (aka, “COPA”) is a 501(c)7 non-profit corporation dedicated to serving its members. COPA is not in any way affiliated with Cirrus Aircraft, the manufacturer. Cirrus is a registered trademark of Cirrus Aircraft.