Bella Sky, Crowne Plaza and Scandic Copenhagen are fully booked. 
Rooms can also be booked at the Hilton Copnhagen Airport. The daily rates starts from DKK1700 and can be booked here: Link to Hilton. Transportation is not offered from these hotels. 
If you wish to change your excisting booking please kindly contact


Please contact The Meeting Planners at to cancel your attendance. Hotel cancellations must be provided prior to Friday, 8 May, 2015 by 17:00 CET. You will be charged for all nights of your hotel reservation if you do not cancel prior to Friday, 8 May, 2015

Dress Code

Smart casual


If you travel from a country that requires a VISA to enter Copenhagen, please complete the attached invitation letter and mail it to We will return the signed letter to you within 48 hours after approval by your local Dell contact.


You will be responsible for your travel booking and will be required to cover the cost of your travel and accommodation.  Note: different conditions may apply if you are part of a group booking.  Please speak with your Dell account manager with any queries.


Dell will cover lunch, dinner and snacks during the conference hours.  If your organizations policy does not permit paid-for hospitality, please contact your Dell account manager.

About Copenhagen

The official language of Denmark is Danish, however the event will be delivered completely in English..

The currency in Denmark is the Danish Kroner (DKK). 100 DKK is equivalent to 13.40 EUR or 16.70 USD.

Daytime temperatures in June are 15 – 20 Celsius.

Copenhagen is a safe city with a very low crime rate. Nevertheless, good urban and cautious behavior is always recommended.

The Metro line M1 runs between Vanløse and Vestamager. Change to M2 at Christianshavn (West Amager). The Bella Center Metro Station is located next to Bella Center's East Entrance.
Copenhagen offers various possibilities for public transportation. You can jump on the bus, get on the train or ride the metro. Due to the good infrastructure, it’s very easy to get around in Copenhagen.
Tickets: The same ticket can be used in the metro, bus, train and harbor bus. More information about tickets and prices can be found by clicking here. Always have your ticket with you in case a conductor wants to see it. Traveling without a valid ticket will result in a fine.
Taxi: All taxis run on meter and they all take credit cards.

Emergency contacts
Emergency: 112
Police emergency: 114
Copenhagen Police: +45 33 14 88 88
Doctor: 118