2017 CUGH Conference

2017 CUGH Conference Panel Titles Include:
(Titles are subject to change.)

• 20 Years of the Global Burden of Disease: Lessons from Country Collaborations

• Reflections on the Future of Global Helath: A Conversation with Dr. Mark Dybul 

• Where does Global Health Fit in U.S. Foreign Policy and Security Interests? 

• Advancing Health and Global Justice: The Power of Law: The Lancet - O'Neill Institute, Georgetown University Commission on Global Health and the Law 

• Global Burden of Road Traffic Injury: Opportunities ad Strategies for Prevention and Control: Roles of Civil Society 

• AFREhealth: A New Phase in the African Health Professions Education 

• Fake Medicines: An Unseen Threat to Global Health 

• The Case for Integrating Tobacco Control into Infectious Disease 

• Addressing Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR): A Global Challenge to Global Health 

• NIH Fogarty Global Health Program for Fellow and Scholars: Building Research and Leadership Capacity in Global Health 

• Translating Research to Policy: Creating and Implementing Evidence-based Policies for the Prevention and Early Detection of Women's Cancers 

• Toward a Breathable Feature: Managing Threats to Respiratory Health in Urban Slums 

• Using a Systems Approach and Climate Data to Catalyze Policy and Health Breakthroughs 

• The insufficiently Appreciated Impact on Pollution on Global Health 

• Developing a Global Monitoring Framework for Ending Preventable Maternal Mortality - A Panel Discussion 

• U.S. Leadership to Advance the Health of Adolescent Girls and Young Women

• Translating Research into Action: Reducing Health Risk and Ending Violence Against Girls and Young Women in Sub-Saharan Africa 

• The Ripple Effect: Promoting Female Leadership in Academic Global Health 

• Confronting Pregnancy in Infectious Disease Epiedemics: HIV/AIDS, Zika Virus, and Beyond