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Select Travel Insurance to Protect Your Cruise

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If you're still wondering what the LeisureCare Travel Protection Plan can do for you, read on!

Top Ten Reasons To Travel With
LeisureCare Travel Protection Plan
  1. You have to cancel your trip due to an unexpected event such as inclement weather, an illness in the family or the financial default of your airline, cruise line or tour operator.
  2. You have to return home early due to an unexpected emergency such as an illness or death in the family.
  3. Your luggage is lost or delayed, forcing you to purchase necessary essentials, or prescription medications.
  4. Your luggage or personal effects are damaged or stolen.
  5. You become ill or injured and learn that your health care plan doesn't cover you outside the U.S.
  6. You need an emergency medical evacuation due to an accident or sudden illness.
  7. You run into flight delays and miss a portion of your trip or cruise.
  8. Your trip is interrupted due to an unexpected hurricane or storm.
  9. You lose your passport, leaving you stranded abroad.
  10. You need assistance with replacing a prescription or an emergency cash transfer.

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Your insurance coverage is provided by LeisureCare. Please be aware this insurance policy does not cover cancel for any reason and does not cover unstable pre-existing conditions. Please note: If you cancel your reservation, the insurance is nonrefundable.

Please Note: Your selected trip protection coverage will begin when the policy premium has been satisfied. If you wish coverage to begin on today's date, you will need to pay the trip protection in full, in addition to your deposit amount.

Travel insurance benefits are underwritten by Arch Insurance Company, with administrative offices in Jersey City, NJ (NAIC #11150), under Policy Form series LTP 2013 and applicable amendatory endorsements. This is a general overview of insurance benefits available. Coverages may vary in certain states and not all benefits are available in all jurisdictions. Please refer to your certificate of benefits or policy of insurance for detailed terms, conditions and exclusions that apply.