1st International Correctional Research Symposium

EuroPris will organize the 3rd Forecasting Workshop on 30 March in Ghent, Belgium. Previous workshops took place in 2014 in Oslo and in 2012 in Stockholm. This workshop will be a one-day event that combines presentations and discussions between the participants.

This years’ workshop is organized immediately after the 1st International Correctional Research Symposium that takes place on 27-29 March, also in Ghent.


At this moment we are drafting the agenda for the Forecasting workshop. The current version of the agenda can be found herePossible issues that are currently elaborated to include in the agenda are:

  • Monitoring of outcomes of Forecasting / post-evaluation adaptation models
  • How to present Forecasting to management / how to correctly use and interpret Forecasting results?
  • Profiling and prognosis / capacity planning, also in context of radicalisation and influx of refugees
  • Big data: open discussion: sharing ideas & approaches to work with big data
  • Fluctuation of cell occupancy / flexible use of prison cells: how to approach with regard to staff & prisoners
  • Trend breaks: methods to predict / sensitivity analysis / how to consider uncertainties


Experts that are interested to share their experiences in one of above mentioned topics can submit their proposal to kirstenhawlitschek@europris.org


Participants to the workshop should be experts working in the field of statistics and forecasting for Prison Services of European countries, Canada and New Zealand. The total number of participants should be around 40 experts in order to allow for constructive discussions and sharing.

For more information and to register, please visit the EuroPris website at www.europris.org