Spotlight on Ghostwriting
Friday, November 17, 2017
Columbia College Chicago


A full day of insight and tools for established ghostwriters and authors and for the clients who need professional writers to produce the books they envision.

Aspiring authors, experts, executives, and communication professionals who need to know how to design book projects for clients, click here for program information.

Spotlight on Ghostwriting for Experienced Nonfiction Book Authors and Ghostwriters
Spotlight on Ghostwriting will help you grow your professional ghostwriting and co-authoring practice.

Sessions just for professional writers include:
  • Marketing and management: Emerging and established opportunities for ghostwriting and how to make the most of them.
  • Client and project management: the skill of collaborating with experts, executives and celebrities.
  • Deepening your niche and expanding your reputation, online and in real life.

Sessions for professional writers and author/clients together:
  • Learn about the latest in publishing platforms and models and how to match each project with the best platform: Presenters include Marcy Posner/Folio Literary ; Grace Menary-Winefield, Sourcebooks; Jerry Jenkins, The Jenkins Group; Tara Richter, Richter Publishing
  • Protections and possibilities: Trends in fees, contracts and copyrights
  • Meet and network over and afternoon coffee hosted by the Association of Ghostwriters

Keynote: Cindy Kuzma, ASJA, and expert co-author, Chicago-based dietitian Dawn Jackson-Blatner, on The Superfood Swap.

  • Alisa Bowman, multi-title ghostwriter, with additional ASJA ghostwriters and co-authors

Participating writers will be included in a bio book provided to all attendees, including clients. This is a chance to showcase your categories of expertise and your experience as a book co-author or ghostwriter, and under your own name as a nonfiction author. Want to break into ghostwriting books? Sign up for Content Connections: Boosting Your Content IQ and come to the session on breaking into ghostwriting.

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