Canadian Accounting Technology Show
DAY 2 - TUESDAY 17 MAY 2016

8.00 am - 8.30am Video preshow - snapshots of event exhibitors
8.30am - 9.30am CEO Panel Discussion - Open Forum
Hear technology leaders debate the technology issues impacting accountants in practice. Come with your questions. Compare the different directions and philosophies of the various suppliers.
Panel representatives include:
Doug Finley, President, Wolters Kluwer
Chris Fudge, Business Leader, Accountant Software Division, Intuit
Michael Giardina, President, Office Tools
Mike Milan - Executive Vice President, Finagraph
Raj Sabhlok, President, Zoho
9.30am - 10.15 am Canada Revenue Agency’s digital services vision
Silvano Tocchi, Canadian Revenue Agency
CRA is constantly improving its digital services to better serve Canadians. CRA’s vision is “A world-class digital service experience…that is user-centric, secure and digital from beginning to end.” In this session the CRA will present its newest digital services offered through My Account, Represent a Client and My Business Account portals, including the new My Audit Enquiries service, as well as the MyCRA mobile app. You will also hear about the new and innovative digital services strategy and learn about how Canadians will interact with the CRA in 2020.
10.15 am - 10.45 am The Firm of the Future
Chris Fudge, Intuit Canada
We’re in the midst of a shift in paradigm, and several clear trends are emerging. The era of social has changed the expectations of customers. They want immediate responses and expect 24-hour service. The cloud has eliminated borders. Customers now expect to be able to start something on one app or device and finish it on another. They expect seamless experiences. The computer moved from the desktop to the palm of our hand. Now it’s moving to our wristwatches, our eyeglasses and our automobiles. The workday truly never ends. And the final trend is the power of data to improve the quality of life, and the success of businesses. Better insight into that data and the ability to see trends into the future can be a powerful tool to ensure success. We’re faced with a choice: evolve or fail. This session is devoted to demonstrating how you can be ready for the future.
10.45 am - 11.15 am Morning tea
11.15 am - 11.45 am Business Advisory Enablement
Mark Holton, Smithink
The number of software products to enable business advisory services grows every day. It's a confusing choice. This session will highlight the different categories of software and how they fit within a well planned business advisory offering.
11.45 am - 12.15 pm Accounting and Metrics for the Subscription Economy
Raj Sabhlok, Zoho
The subscription economy is on the rise, and the accounting world needs to pay attention. Traditional accounting methods are no longer sufficient to analyse the health of a subscription business -- you need a new set of financial metrics tailored exclusively for the subscription business model. In this presentation, [Raj] will talk about these metrics and how to use them to understand the health of a subscription-based business.
12.15 pm - 12.45 pm Find Hidden Cash & Become a Trusted Advisor by Using Dashboards
Mike Milan, EVP, Finagraph
- Learn the 6 metrics that expose inefficiency in your client’s operation
- Identify areas of opportunity to increase cash flow by comparting their metrics to their competitors
- Develop a strategic plan for your client to maximize their cash flow
12.45 pm - 1.45 pm Lunch
1.45 pm - 2.15 pm Taxprep® Tax Preparation Software – An Overview
Shannon Paret CPA, BACS, Wolters Kluwer

Innovative, leading-edge tax preparation technology saves you time and creates efficiencies that allow you to prepare accurate, optimized returns while ensuring a streamlined, cost-effective workflow. This session will provide an overview of the key features in Taxprep that will help you advance your practice to new levels of efficiency and profitability.
2.15 pm - 2.45 pm TaxCycle and DoxCycle: Your Paperless Tax Office
Marc Labrecque, TaxCycle
Six years ago, Trilogy Software set out to re-imagine what modern technology could do for Canadian tax preparers, looking at the end-to-end work of a tax office. Reducing paper printing, handling and management is just one of many benefits of this automation. Others include reducing the time you spend organizing slips before preparing returns, improving your communication with clients and government agencies, and helping you handle heavy workloads in the heat of tax season.
The Trilogy Team has well over 200 years of combined experience serving Canadian tax and accounting professionals. During this presentation, attendees will be shown how the Trilogy Team has taken market and client feedback to continually improve TaxCycle and DoxCycle. 
TaxCycle is a full suite of tax software made in Canada for Canadian accountants and tax professionals only.
2.45 pm - 3.15 pm
Getting the most out of ProFile
Michael Ford CPA, CMA, The Ford Group Professional Corporation
You probably knew that ProFile can help to prepare your client's taxes, but you probably didn't know that it can be used to catch your mistakes, import data from QuickBooks Online and help to chase down documents. In this session, we'll show you how to use the most powerful tools that ProFile has to offer, saving you valuable time.
3.15 pm - 3.45 pm Afternoon Tea
3.45 pm - 4.15 pm Why CaseWare alone is not enough 
Nicolette Ruciak B.Comm, Jazzit
Are you using CaseWare the same way you did years ago?  Join us to look at key Jazzit templates in a year-end paperless file to see our newest features and how we’ve implemented e-signatures with password protection, firm letterhead, logical integration of working papers, notes, schedules to the financial statements, letters, as well as programs and checklists. We will also take a look at SCORE, our popular analytics report for management.  SCORE will give you plenty to share with your client at the year-end meeting. 
4.15 pm - 4.45 pm Developing your IT Plan
David Smith, Smithink
You've got the ideas but what are you going to do ! What should be your priorities? How are going to successfully implement new technologies? This session will guide you in the development of your IT plan and highlight the key issues to consider to ensure you get the most from new technologies.