BSC 2017

The Young Investigator Award will be presented during the next annual meeting of the Belgian Society of Cardiology. The award of € 6,500 will be given to an individual, whose research reflects new and relevant work alternating each year, in basic or clinical research in cardiology.

The 2017 YIA is dedicated to clinical research“research centered on the patients and aimed to determine the role of medication, intervention, diagnosis, symptoms and prevention in the physiological or pathological process”.

The YIA call for 2018 will reflect “Basic Research”. This is defined as research, aimed to understand physiological or pathological process behind the functioning of human body. This research encompasses scientific disciplines such as biochemistry, microbiology, physiology, and pharmacology, and their interplay, and involves laboratory studies with cell cultures, animal studies or physiological experiments. Patients are not in the center of the study, but biological samples (e.g. blood) can be used for this purpose.


This award is restricted to investigators of no more than 35 years of age (on 31st January 2017). The work must be original and have been performed in a Belgian institution.


The purpose of this award is to foster young physicians and research fellows in the field of cardiovascular diseases.

The applicants must:

  • Submit electronically a “standard” one page abstract in English, and choose a submission category from the proposed categories, presented in the abstract submission system.
  • Submit electronically a three to five page scientific paper (inclusive of graphs and tables) describing aims, methods and results. Full-length manuscripts will not be considered.
  • Select the YIA submission box in the online submission process. By submitting the abstract for consideration for the YIA, the applicant confirms that he/she read and agrees with the rules for YIA submission.
  • Authors must not submit more than one abstract for the YIA award.
  • Be the main investigator of the original work presented. This also implies that in case of publication as a full-length paper in a peer reviewed journal, the applicant should appear as the first author.


The Scientific Committee of the BSC will review all entries and will accept three abstracts to be presented at the annual meeting of the BSC. The submitted papers will be judged on innovativeness, originality, scientific merit and relevance.

The candidates will be informed of the decision of the Board in December. If the work is chosen for award consideration, the candidate will be expected to deliver a 15-minute presentation followed by a formal discussion during the meeting.

The award winning presentation will be selected by an international panel of experts after the session devoted to these presentations.

Papers to be considered by the committee should be sent via the congress on-line abstract submission system.The submission deadline is Monday 19th September 2016 (24h00). The submitter is expected to be fully familiar with the YIA rules and the content of the general “BSC Abstracts submission rules and guidelines” document.