BINI 2015
All speakers are required to submit their presentation in the meeting room before sessions begin or at breaks. 

Speakers are requested to have their presentation on memory stick for addition to the presentation laptop.
Presenters should upload their talks on USB to the laptop in each room at the break before the session.
Please note that as this event will be run off a central presentation laptop in each of the meeting rooms, no personal computers will be allowed at the podium. 

Operating System 
The operating system at the conference will be windows 7 professional and running office 13 professional
All presentations should be in PowerPoint or some other presentation tool (example Prezi) that is compatible with this operating system.

Should your presentation contain embedded DVDs, require sound or any other audio or visual requirement, please make sure you test your presentation at the break before your session. 

Oral presentations should be 10 minutes long only. Please allow 2 minutes of Q&A in the time allocated.
Poster presenters will have 2 minutes slot to presenter their research only. There will be no Q&A.

To locate your presentation on the conference timetable, please click here.

Speakers are asked to strictly adhere to these timings out of courtesy for other speakers.  

Each session will have a chairperson to monitor timekeeping.  Should your presentation run over, the chairperson will inform you of this and ask you to finish your presentation, please comply with chairperson’s requests.

All speakers must be in their session room at least 10 minutes before the start of session. Please identify yourself to the session chairperson so that they are aware that all speakers are present before they start the session.

All speakers are asked to remain in the room until the entire session is finished, if there is time at the end of the sessions further Q&A sessions may take place.

Please ensure that you have uploaded your presentation at the break before your session.
This is to ensure, should any issues or formatting problems arise, they can be dealt with in a timely fashion. We strongly request you take note of this in order to ensure smooth running of the programme.