Marriott on the Falls

The Niagara Falls Marriott on the Falls Hotel is the closest hotel to Niagara Falls. Improvements from the recent $15 million renovation include a beautiful open concept lobby, room upgrades and really good internet. Located between Fallsview Boulevard and Stanley Avenue the Marriott on the Falls gives a spectacular view of the falls and is kitty-corner to the Scotiabank Convention Centre, home of our conference and trade show. 

Four-Star Hotel next to Niagara Falls

Experience the majesty of Niagara Falls from any of the Fallsview Guest Rooms, starting at $119/night through the BiiG room block. The property features a number of amenities including:
  • Property wide Wi-Fi internet 
  • Milestones Fallsview Restaurant, where every seat has a view of Niagara Falls
  • On-site Starbucks
  • Climate controlled indoor swimming pool and whirlpool
  • An expansive fitness centre with free weights, yoga, and cardio equipment

Booking in the CSC room block ends on January 2, 2018.


You will only ever receive communication about housing from BiiG. You will only ever receive calls from our telephone numbers. There have, in past, been a few scam and phishing calls around hotel bookings. We promise we will only contact you through our official numbers. If you think you are getting a scam call, you probably are. Trust your gut. If you are unsure, hang up and reach out to us through the contact page. If you are receiving emails about hotel rates, we guarantee that those are false. 

Getting to Niagara Falls Ontario

Air Travel

Lester B. Pearson International Airport

Toronto's international airport is located about 90 minutes from the BiiG conference location. With lots of travel options from Pearson to Niagara Falls, Ontario. To book travel to Pearson use the airport code YYZ. 

Buffalo Niagara International Airport

Located in the Buffalo-Niagara metropolitan area of New York state, the airport is approximately 35 miles from BiiG. BUF (the airport code for Buffalo Niagara International) is accessible by most major American air carriers. 

Ground Travel


The trip from downtown Toronto to Niagara Falls is approximately two hours, though traffic along Queen Elizabeth Way varies the time between two and three hours generally. 
From Buffalo Niagara International Airport the trip is around 60 minutes, though there can be extended delays at boarder crossings at either the Rainbow Bridge crossing in Niagara Falls, New York, or the Peace Bridge Crossing in Allentown.

Niagara Airbus

Want to escape the hassle of driving from the airport to the conference? A $50 round-trip ticket on Niagara Airbus will take you back and forth between Pearson and Niagara Falls. Only looking to go one way? It will only cost you $35. All of these options are available during your registration for BiiG.

Not traveling from Toronto Pearson? Looking for private transport? Want to travel outside of the scheduled dates? No problem! Click on the "Book airport bus" button to the left, input the conference code and receive a 10% discount on all travel booked through Niagara Airbus.

Public Transportation

Toronto to Niagara Falls

Travel from Pearson, or anywhere else in Toronto, to Niagara Falls using the Presto Card. This card will let you easily pay for transportation across a number of services all with one card and no tickets. 

Buffalo to Niagara Falls

Travel from Buffalo Niagara International Airport to Niagara Falls on public transport is easiest when you travel to the Rainbow Bridge using NFTA busses. Once you've crossed into Canada, you'll have plenty of opportunity to use WEGO busses to get you to the conference site.