2012 Business Facilities LiveXchange

1) Streamline the site location search.  Delegates set preferences for the economic development organizations and utility companies participating as part of the itinerary building process. Delegates’ meetings will be based on these preferences to maximize time at the event and ensure quality meetings. The personalized itinerary for each accepted Delegate will include a combination of 25-minute one-on-one meetings, mealtime meetings or meetings over a game of golf or other recreational event.

2) Attend a first-class conference program. Prepared by Business Facilities magazine, the program will provide strategic and practical information Delegates need to make intelligent location choices.

3) Network with peers. Although Delegates will be kept busy around the clock, there will be time to meet informally and share experiences. 

All Delegates must meet four criteria to qualify for an invitation to attend:
  1. Responsible for companies’ relocation or expansion plans
  2. Currently conducting or about to start preliminary search
  3. Plan to make the final decision on where to expand/relocate between October 2012 and 2015
  4. The project will result in at least one of the following over three years:
    • 40 full-time jobs (or equivalent) created or
    • $1 million in payroll, including health and retirement benefits or
    • $2 million in capital investment
"I've been able to see everybody that I'd like to meet here at this event, and it saves me a lot of time.  I'm going to visit communities already knowing the economic development team and that's a great advantage...I can honestly say this is the very best event I have ever attended" --- Director of Corporate Affairs, Plastics company 
"The LiveXchange conference provides a wealth of knowledge, access to the best representatives and industry professionals in a manner that is effective and efficient.  I applaud the organizers and sponsors for making this such a valuable tool in my decision-making process" -- Controller, Manufacturing company
"Best conference in its class!" -- VP of Operations, Energy company