Nokia Bell Labs Students Award 2018 - Budapest

Eligible Persons for participating in the contest

Master Students

Participants must be enrolled at least at the level of “Master Student” or equivalent

PhD Students or candidate

All students enrolled as candidates for PhD

Enrolled at a University or Scientific Institute

All participants must be enrolled at a university or comparable scientific institute. NOKIA is entitled to ask for written certification on enrollment.


The candidates should be registered as residents in Hungary and enrolled in Hungarian universities / institutes.
Nokia Bell Labs may approve exceptions at its own discretion.

Teams of at most three eligible members may apply.

Interns @ Nokia
Interns currently working at Nokia may apply if they fulfill the above eligibility criteria.

Non-Eligible Persons

Nokia employees and members of their family are not eligible to participate.

Employees of competitors are excluded.

Eligible Themes

The submissions should describe scientific work in one of the following areas: Communication Networks (HW & Software); Cloud Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented reality, Sensing Technology, IoT, V2X, Human Interfaces, New devices, New Business Ideas in Communications or related areas.
In case of no clear mapping Nokia Bell Labs may decide whether to accept the submission.

IP Rights

Each applicant warrants to hold all Intellectual Property Rights relating to the submission. Each applicant also guarantees that they are the authors of the submission including all content associated with the submission. Participation in the Contest does not constitute an authorization to use or acquire any property rights in the trademarks, logos, inventions and rights of any Intellectual Property Rights of the Nokia Bell Labs.