ASJA 2019 Annual Writers Conference

Session Handouts
Detecting B.S. Sourcing - Michele Hollow

Art of Trauma Reporting - Christopher Johnson

Book Proposal Workshop - Stephanie Nikolopoulos

Business planning checklist & business planning for writers - Sophia McDonald Bennett

Branding Your Writing - Estelle Erasmus

Midlife and Beyond - Estelle Erasmus

Workshop Offer - Diane O'Connell

Retreat Flyer - Diane O'Connell

10 Mistakes Handout - Diane O'Connell

Charting Out Your Story - Diane O'Connell

Crafting Your Story's Vision - Diane O'Connell

Double Your Revenue - Sandra Yin

Use Facebook Groups - Sandra Beckwith

Producing Your Own Plays - Joe Beck

Trade Publications - Karen Kroll

Up Your Content Marketing - Satta Sarmah Hightower

Career with Kids - Rudri Patel