ASJA 2017 Annual Writers Conference


*You must be registered for Member’s Day in order to participate! If you have not registered for the conference, you may do so here.

OPENS April 20, 2017 9:00 am Eastern

CLOSES April 25, 2017 9:00 pm Eastern

IMPORTANT NOTE: There will be no same-day sign-ups. Once the lottery is closed on April 25, you will have no other opportunity to sign up for Client Connections!

Using this registration form, enter your email and confirmation number sent to you when you registered for the conference. Then, follow instructions to select and rank your editor/agent choices. You may review or change your selections (until signup ends on April 25, 2017 9:00 pm Eastern – if you are registered for the event.

You can enter a minimum of 1 choice, maximum of 10, for a total of 10 possible appointments. Please take care while making your selections that your skills and experience match what the buyer has specified and that you request appointments only with people you are genuinely interested in meeting.

There is NO advantage to signing up early. All selections made during this sign up period have an equal chance for an appointment. And there are no guarantees; remember, this is a lottery. Please also know that sometimes, editors show up late or don't show up at all. We have no control over this, but should it occur, we'll make best effort to reschedule your meeting during cocktails or on another day via Skype where possible.

Please remember: Client Connections appointments are business meetings. Your appointments take priority over other activity at the time. Make your selections with this in mind.

Before signing up, you may Click here to see a list of clients and what they're looking for.

Have questions? Client Connections FAQs

Client Connections
gives ASJA members another way to make new connections with people who value the work professional writers do.

Client Connections lets ASJA members meet one-on-one with editors, content managers, literary agents, publishers and others in need of your writing skills. You may find your next best client -- or someone seeking their next best client may find YOU. Hence, Client Connections.

Client Connections is a popular highlight of ASJA's Annual Conference.Any ASJA member registered to attend the event may participate; registration instructions will be provided soon. The 10-minute meetings, held face-to-face in a speed-dating format, are determined via a lottery system. There is no guarantee that any of your picks will result in an appointment.