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BOSCH Eyecare Solution

What is BOSCH Eyecare Solution?

Bosch Eyecare is first of its kind system in the ophthalmology space that seamlessly linked hardware, software with IT and automation algorithms as a solution to address the known constraints in India. The system allows capture of patient eye images using a handheld device without dilatation. Data sharing and detection seamlessly between primary care centers and tertiary care hub hospitals using a simple PACS based IT solution. 

The system fits into the existing workflows easily and enhances detection rates for conditions beyond cataract. The system requires very little training (~3-4 Hrs) and can be used by para-medic staff also to provide a deeper, more comprehensive and quality eyecare to the patients. Refer attachment for solution overview schematic.

What makes BOSCH Eyecare Solution

The large majority of practitioners could not afford advanced solutions and use conventional method like Ophthalmoscope. Conventional methods have low involvement of patients especially since dilatation consume around 3 hours of patients time and patients don't get to see the results leading to lack of trust and also lesser detection rates as such device are skill based.

Contemporary solutions like fundus camera were over designed devices focused excessively on diagnosis & surgery. They were expensive making services expensive for the patient. Further, these were limited to hospital desks in urban towns in India again requiring trained doctors for service delivery. Again, these solutions were not Information Technology compatible and existed just as independent devices which could not be connected to the eco-system.

  • Wider Application - The Bosch Eyecam operates on a rechargeable battery and is lightweight and portable to offer better point of care services. The tool can be taken to a patient’s door step in the case of community screening. Enables operation in camps & primary care centers in rural India.

  • IT enabled Networking and Workflows - Better Primary to Tertiary Networking through IT based tele-medicine. Enables the ophthalmologist to view the report on his hand phone.

  • Affordable Care Services - With capital cost investment and running cost at around ½ the cost of comparable solutions, care delivery systems are able to offer services at lower charges and many a time, free of cost.

  • Automated Detection Platform - This platform reduces the dependence and effort of doctors by detecting and marking lesions in Diabetic Retinopathy and detecting Glaucoma - maximizing detection.

BOSCH Eyecare Solution
will be on display at the HIMSS AsiaPac Innovation Award Showcase at the HIMSS AsiaPac15 Conference.