2011 WCO IT Conference and Exhibition
Bureau International Maritime (BIM) creates tailor-made solutions for the public and private sector using new technologies in the areas of training, certification, security, cargo tracking and Single Windows. With several training centers located in Belgium, France and Congo, and an international network of partners across Europe, Asia, America and Africa, BIM benefits from localized expertise. BIM has been active in Africa for 16 years, working directly in over 10 countries including Congo, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Togo and Benin. BIM works with government authorities and other actors to ensure the necessary framework is put in place to manage smooth transitions in the project progress. To address this, BIM’s solutions embed many significant transition options.

BUREAU VERITAS, an international company of over 48,000 employees, specialized in inspection, analysis, audit, and certification of products, infrastructure (buildings, industrial sites, equipment, ships, etc.) and management systems in relation to regulatory or voluntary standards.
BUREAU VERITAS, a world leader in trade facilitation and management of securing programmes on behalf of international Governments.
BUREAU VERITAS has a strategic partnership with SOGET, for developing and operating the Port Single Window Concessions, in an electronic secured environment.
More than 40 trade facilitation programmes are currently in force on behalf of international Governments.


Crown Agents is an international company providing expertise in public financial management.  We have an outstanding track record of delivering programmes to strengthen Customs administrations and have implemented revenue-related Enterprise Solutions in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and the Caribbean.  Our solutions are innovative and bring together proven capabilities coupled with advanced approaches to deliver the future.


CrimsonLogic is a trusted partner to governments worldwide. For over 20 years, CrimsonLogic’s trade facilitation platforms have been successfully implemented across five continents and in more than 20 countries, and have been continuously improved in tandem with the latest developments in trade and logistics. CrimsonLogic has the unique ability to deliver end-to-end services, from designing and building solutions with the most advanced technology to effectively provide a high degree of agility, flexibility and scalability, through to operating these services. For more information, visit www.crimsonlogic.com 


GAINDE 2000 is Senegalese customs IT partner for trade facilitation. Boosted by its experience and expertise in trade Management systems, GAINDE 2000 provides innovative and fully integrated solutions such as Single Window, customs system, e-payment, customs decision management system… The solutions offered are modules covering the complexity of clearance procedures and  operating either in stand alone or consistent all inclusive mode. GAINDE 2000 is now playing a key role in trade facilitation in Senegal and beyond.


GEFEG focuses on the development and delivery of solutions to customize and increase the consistency, interoperability and quality of metadata for data exchanges. GEFEG's products and services, like the GEFEG.FX software, the GEFEG.Validation and GEFEG.DCF services, offer significant benefits such as the reduction of manual and repetitive tasks, rationalization and the protection of user investments in their metadata developments.

GEFEG is also an established consulting company offering professional services regarding metadata development for the implementation of and compliance to eStandards, for instance in the area of cross-border data exchange. GEFEG's longstanding practical experience and expertise is based on the contribution to the development of international eStandards including the WCO DM, UN/CEFACT Core Component Library, UN/EDIFACT, etc. and the completion of many successful projects for major companies and organizations world-wide, such as DHL, Siemens, CITES, the Dutch Customs, and for SMEs in such diverse industries as transport, automotive supply, consumer goods, energy and tire manufacturing. A full program of practical training courses and workshops completes our range of consulting services.


GreenLine Systems provides Risk Management and Control solutions for Government Agencies responsible for the facilitation and control of cargo, conveyance, passenger and crew. Our capabilities are delivered through COTS software products, data acquisition programs, consulting services and custom application development. Today, our solutions are deployed at Customs, Law Enforcement and Defense organizations in the US, Canada, EU and Caribbean.


GS1 is an international not-for-profit organization with over a million companies doing business across 150 countries.
GS1 is dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains globally and across sectors. GS1 has over 30 years' experience in global standards. www.gs1.org

About GS1 US™
GS1 US is a not-for-profit organization bringing industry communities together to solve value-chain problems through adoption and implementation of GS1 Standards, including the Universal Product Code (U.P.C.) and Global Trade Item Number (GTIN). More than 200,000 businesses in 25 industries rely on GS1 US for trading-partner collaboration.  

Inspection & Control Services (ICS) specializes in providing Customs Modernization Solutions and Services as well as a full e-Government Solution. The ICS Group assists governments with customs revenues enhancement, improved controls and trade facilitation.  The Group provides tailor made solutions through the deployment of its flagship product, MicroClear®. ICS also delivers a comprehensive valuation assistance solution based on the World Trade Organization (WTO) guidelines, which includes price research on all types of imported goods.


Customs organisations require more than just new technology; they need a comprehensive approach to their business challenges based on a clear understanding of the issues, a deep knowledge of the Customs business, advanced business and technological thinking, and talented professionals who are passionate about what they do.

IBM is committed to supporting and assisting governments and partner organisations as they address the challenge of the e-Customs transformation. We have invested in a dedicated global team of industry consultants, subject matter experts and solution developers, who focus on developing assets and providing solutions and services to Customs organisations within the total supply chain of global trade.

Our solutions combine IBM’s unique insight into Customs organisations with leading strategic consulting skills and unparalleled technical assets to help our clients forge a new path to more effective, efficient and responsive operations. Our success is accomplished by building strong relationships with our clients and their partners, by completing complex systems integration projects on time and within budget, by providing consulting services, and by introducing innovative solutions that are backed by IBM’s extensive research and development capabilities and underpinned by IBM’s broad portfolio of technology offerings.

Visit us at; www.ibm.com/government 

INTRASOFT International S.A. is a leading European company in the area of Information and Communication Technology and a market-leader in building, integration, deployment and operational management of information systems for Customs Administrations and private companies. Over the years we have developed a broad portfolio of products and services addressing a wide range of customs requirements, including the provision of consultation services and computerisation of customs processes to reflect national and regional needs of public and private organisations. 

As a subsidiary of INTRACOM HOLDINGS S.A., INTRASOFT International S.A. was established in October 1996 and has achieved impressive organic growth since then. INTRASOFT International S.A. has more than 700 employees in Belgium, Luxembourg, Athens and Romania, 20% of whom hold postgraduate degrees, representing 20 different nationalities and mastering more than 15 languages. For more information on our customs offerings please visit: http://www.intrasoft-intl.com/e-customs

Arctic Group has been supplying IT consultancy services to the Swedish Customs for over 20 years, with extensive experience working with more than 15 customs administrations throughout Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. ArcticTARIFF and ArcticPORTAL - leading systems for Single Window implementations, are key products developed by Arctic Group.

At Microsoft, we're motivated and inspired every day by how our customers use our software to find creative solutions to business problems, develop breakthrough ideas, and stay connected to what's most important to them.
We are committed long term to the mission of helping our customers realize their full potential. Just as we constantly update and improve our products, we want to continually evolve our company to be in the best position to accelerate more flexible and scalable technologies such as Cloud Computing as they emerge and to better serve our customers. With our technology partners, we are developing innovative solutions that facilitate trade and align to the public and private sector needs of a much changed global environment. In particular, with advances in Cloud Computing we work hand-in-hand with customers and partners in the public and private sectors, including international organizations and government agencies, to help them leverage the future of IT hosting.
Visit: http://www.microsoft.com/mscorp/articles/business.asp


With over 700 clients utilizing our software solutions in over 40 countries, MIC saves clients time energy and money through the automation of customs rules and import/ export processing.
MIC specializes in customs software for:
• Import and Export Compliance
• Free Trade Agreement with full Bill of Material Origin Determination and    Solicitation Management (NAFTA and 50+ FTAs fully supported)
• Multi-Country Import and Export Customs Clearance/ self filing for over 40    countries (Canada, Mexico, US, EU, etc…)
• Single Authorization for Simplified Procedures (SASP - EU)
• Intrastat reporting (EU), New Computerized Transit System (NCTS - EU),    Excise Movement Control System (EMCS - EU)
• Duty Draw Back
• Rules based Classification Automation
• FTZ and Bonded Warehousing
• Integration to Brokers, Forwarders and 3PLs
• Both hosted (subscription/ SaaS)and Licensed based solution


Nathan Associates Inc.- Expanding choices, creating value, accelerating growth since 1946 Economic growth springs from value expressed in choices—the choices of citizens and consumers, of entrepreneurs, of business executives and industry leaders, and of governments.

We have been expanding choices in developing countries for more than 64 years, sharing our knowledge of the possible and illuminating the path from the possible to the actual. We deliver assistance in production improvement, chart strategies for firm and industry growth, hone competence in trade practices, and provide prudent counsel on government policy. 

OpSec Security Group is the global leader in providing anti-counterfeiting technologies, services and software to over 300 global brands across industry sectors and over 50 governments worldwide. The Group operates manufacturing facilities and laboratories in the USA and the UK, and has sales operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Regula Group is one of the leaders in developing and producing of hitech document verification equipment and software. In over 18 years of Regula presence on the market, Regula customers base includes: ministries of internal and external affairs, police, border control and customs authorities from all over the world. Our document processing solutions allows for easy customization and integration into global data management systems.


SGS, as the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company,  provides competitive advantage, drive sustainability and deliver trust. SGS has been deploying and operating the TradeNet technology through exclusive strategic partnerships. This innovative IT solution is based on the Single Window principle which aims at interconnecting all trade operators onto a single electronic system.

SOGET is a world leader in Port Single Windows with 15 Ports in operation including France, Mauritius and Benin,

SOGET has currently the Chair of the European Port Community System Association and a recognized expert by international organisations.

SOGET has strategic alliances with the CIECC of the Ministry of Commerce of China and with BUREAU VERITAS offering concession service to implement and operate Port Single Windows.
At 2011 WCO IT Conference, SOGET and MICROSOFT are announcing a new partnership to provide MICROSOFT technologies as the foundation layer of the strategic framework of the SOGET’s e-Maritime project.


Webb Fontaine Group is a company registered in Dubai with affiliates in seven countries worldwide. Webb Fontaine offers comprehensive Trade Facilitation solutions for governments covering both hardware and software; Webb Fontaine provides fully integrated Single Window platforms including Customs automation, risk management and Customs revenue and performance analysis tools.