Accelerating Understanding, CERN 2009






‘Accelerating Understanding’ took place on 1st & 2nd July 2009, and brought together the community of IT professionals tasked with delivering optimal High Performance Computing within the research environment.


The event, facilitated by Dell™ and supported by Intel©, was judged a huge success by attendees, who took advantage of this special opportunity to discuss HPC and research issues with their peers, speakers from CERN and leading industry specialists.


Free event DVD

Videos of the speakers and their presentations have been compiled onto a free ‘Accelerating Understanding’ DVD which also features an exclusive interview with Dr. Helge Meinhard of CERN IT. To register for your copy, please click on the button provided.

The event speakers

Speaker biographies, including those of Dr. Helge Meinhard from CERN IT, Dr. Stephen Wheat of Intel©, Dr. Paul Calleja of Cambridge University, Rainer Schwemmer of CERN PH, Josh Goldenhar of DDN and Dr. Reza Rooholamini of Dell, and abstracts from their presentations, are also available and can be viewed via the appropriate buttons.




To register your interest in future HPC ‘Accelerating Understanding’ events, you can email us here