“The best thing about Vogue Knitting LIVE was the chance for knitters from all over the world to gather together to share their love of the craft. The knitterati was fabulous—mingling with the crowds, signing books, talking about their designs, posing for pictures with their adoring fans…”
—Mya Martin-Glenn, Aurora, CO

“I have been to other knitting events in previous years, and I liked the Vogue Knitting LIVE Marketplace and class selection better. There was more fashion and less frump at Vogue Knitting. I am 52 years old, adorable, vivacious, and refuse to be a frumpy old knitting grandma. I had a great time. It was like Christmas morning for me!”
—Attendee, Cranbury, NJ

“I have only been knitting for two years, and most of the yarns I use are from the chain craft stores. The Marketplace brought me to a new level of love for knitting! And with new methods and confidence I will go to new levels with fibers and projects.”
—Irene Cameron, Albany, NY

“I really enjoyed the fashion shows and seeing the knits on the models. It really made the yarns come to life! Can’t wait to see the shows next year!”
—Erica Rand, Rye, NY

Sponsors & Exhibitors

“Vogue Knitting LIVE was my best show ever! The customer base was very knowledgeable about my product and excited to see a wide variety of supplies and products represented at the show.”
—Cara Romano, Cara Romano Studio Jewelry

“We had a great time exhibiting at this year’s Vogue Knitting LIVE in New York City. The Marketplace was exciting and fresh, providing a personal and friendly boutique shopping experience. Looking forward to Chicago.”
—Pam Hoffman, Indian Lake Artisans

“Vogue Knitting LIVE New York turned out to be even more of a success than we could have ever anticipated. As first-time vendors, our clientele has more than doubled. We look forward to building on our success in Chicago.”
—Tabbethia Haubold, Long Island Livestock

“The Vogue Knitting LIVE event generated a positive cash flow and increased my brand awareness among retailers as well as consumers. The effective communication and generally smooth logistics by the staff made it one of the top events of the year.”
—Della Quimby, Della Q

“We’ve done every show in the country, but I have never seen a first-year show as good as this one. The energy and excitement were contagious; people were excited to see and buy new things. Our sales were great! We actually sold out of some yarns, and we always bring a lot.”
—Tess Bickford, Tess’ Designer Yarns

“The customers were extremely knowledgeable and ready to shop. We brought more than we ever have to an event and left almost empty-handed.”
—Ron Miskin, Buffalo Gold

“The excitement level of the shoppers at Vogue Knitting LIVE was simply amazing. We would do another Vogue Knitting LIVE show in a heartbeat!”
—Ken Wing, Leilani Arts