Relive the Magic of HOW Design Live 2014

16,000+ tweets, 7,000+ Instagram photos and 6,000+ blog posts later, HOW Design Live 2014 is in the rearview mirror. But the lessons, inspiration and “magic” of HOW continue to ripple through social media. Read on for a look at the highlights of 2014’s event and find out why the entire design community connects through HOW Design Live. Continue the conversation using #HOWlive.

Wisdom from our speakers

On finding success over failure:
Stanley Hainsworth said, "The most success I had in my career was when I took on things that I was not asked to do."

Maria Popova said: "No specific routine guarantees success, just show up, day in and day out to achieve success."

Christine Mau said: "Playing to not lose is not the same as playing to win. As a designer, play to win."

On what the role of designers is today:
Malcolm Gladwell said: "Designers introduce balance into the way we see things by providing a new perspective."

Dan Pink said: "Access to information has been replaced by curating information. Data is cheap; Value is in designing for focus and knowledge."

Of course: Bob Gill said: "Go to the Dry Cleaners!" in other words get out from behind your computers and experience the products and services you are designing for. The answer is not in your head or your computer screen.

On learning:
Dana Tanamachi Williams said: "It is what you learn after you already know it all – that really counts."

And finally, Seth Godin said: "Design thrives when a human being wants to create work that, at its core, touches another."
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